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Today I am going to be talking a little bit about how different seasons affect our HVAC systems and what we can do to prevent that or prepare for those things. Now we all know that the weather goes through many different phases so some days we might have rain and some days we might have snow and all of that because the different seasons but in the Texas Panhandle we have to prepare a little more. Now we do tend to get lots of storms with all different types of weather like for instance like we’ll get lots of rain and lightning and thundering and stuff like that which is something you always want to be careful with with an HVAC system. You never want to be unprepared for a storm so always call andac company amarillo tx to see what else you could do to prepare for these bad storms. There are many ways to get your system ready to deal with all different types of things like snow rain or the summer heat. All these different weathers do affect our systems an we do need to know exactly what to do in case it does get messed up which I’m sure you have a specific ac company amarillo tx in mind but you would need to call them and see what they can do to help you. But I do want to give a little bit of a warning for anybody that has to deal with lots of storms like with lightning because if lightning does strike your HVAC unit it could mess up all the electrical things inside your home so let’s say that you have everything plugged in like your TV’s all of that an it does hit your HVAC unit it could destroy everything that is plugged in at that moment. So you not only would have to pay for a new HVAC unit you would also need to pay for everything else that it did mess up completely due to just being plugged in so I highly recommend that if it is a really bad storm and you’re seeing lightning all the time it’s best to unplug everything unless you need to like watch TV or something to keep an eye on the weather but I would at least unplug everything else. You can call an ac company amarillo tx and learn a little bit more about that and what you can do to prevent that I’m pretty sure there are some ways to prevent that from happening I’m just not so sure but they would know a little bit more than I would. Now to talk a little bit about summertimes when it is super hot outside like in the Texas Panhandle it can get up to 100 and something sometimes but anytime it gets up to like 95 degrees your system will run at Max capacity so you want to be careful on what temperature you put it at because you could end up overworking your system so it is always recommended to be putting your temperature at 73 to 78 buy it you can talk to your ac company amarillo tx and see if they offer energy systems because the technology that comes with those are absolutely amazing and are able to give you so much more then just regular systems nowadays. So with the technology with those you can control that from your phone so when you are away from your home you can have it on let’s say 78 so your system is not running that much or you can just turn it off completely but before you get home you can put it in that you want your temperature to get down to let’s say 73 degrees so then by the time you are home it is going to be cooled off enough in your home which I know 73 doesn’t sound like a bunch whenever you’re super hot but if it’s like 99 degrees outside and your house is 73 it’s gonna feel so much nicer walking inside that you’re not even going to realize that it’s not I don’t know some people like to have it on like 60 something but it will still feel like your house is so much cooler so it is a good thing to remember to keep it in the 70 range because you do not want to overwork your system and have a major issue happen and then have to call the ac company amarillo tx to come fish your AC because something has completely gone wrong from overworking it. Now many different companies offer different things but I’m pretty sure most companies will offer a energy System but it’s also really good because it makes the carbon footprint that we have on the world go down just a little bit less which is always a good thing because there are lots of things that we do need to start fixing to make our earth a better and safer place but I won’t get into that right now will just stay on topic on what to expect with all different types of weather. Now if you are in a place where it stays pretty much the same temperature like if it doesn’t really get that cold or that hot there then you should be fine you shouldn’t really have to worry too much about your HVAC system but I do know that in the Texas Panhandle we never have any idea what is going to happen tomorrow or the next day for a whole week like it’s absolutely insane to try to keep up with the weather so I’ve given up I just now know how to protect my HVAC system so that I don’t have to pay to get a new because I was not better prepared so that is why I wanted to get on here and talk a little bit about that but I hope that this was of some type of help but just remember if this wasn’t just a call an ac company amarillo tx of your choice and see what all they can do for you and give you better advice so you can be better prepared for the next storm.


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