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Tonight I will be doing this article while I watch the TV show friends and I’ll be talking about a bunch different things but I need to get the ac company borger tx to come to my house take a look at some stuff tomorrow so I need this set an alarm are to wake me up early even though it’s getting super late and I’m staying up to do this article. Play deep ticket quite a bit of these articles done tonight so I’m trying to really stay focused and stay awake as well it’s hard to do during the day with my kids ’cause I have to stop and help them a lot and so I lose track of everything that I’m doing but if I wait until after they’re asleep it’s really easy to just bust these out as quick as possible and talk about everything I need to talk about which right now in this particular article is the ac company borger tx And everything else that I’ve done today. It’s so funny at night my youngest kid he always has to cuddle and so throughout the night if I move my arm at all he will link his arm through mine so that I can not take my arm away. It’s so adorable how he likes to cuddle throughout the night up definitely blessed with some cuddle bugs but I know I need to enjoy that while it lasts ’cause I know once they start getting older it’s a little different but For right now all enjoy the baby cuddles. I can’t believe he just turned 2 in July I was definitely not ready for him to turn to my oldest one is 4 and he’ll be 5 soon so it’s like my baby is growing up so fast both of them are. I can’t believe my oldest will be starting school soon well next year but it’s still too soon for me but he is so smart I looked up all the things that teaches practice with kids when they are in kindergarten and I think he will be set where in the middle of learning how to read he’s learning a couple of letters like how to write and everything so that he can see how to do that kind of stuff  like ac company borger tx and then today I bought him a bear that has a bunch of kids stories in it and you just push the button and it reads you all those stories and then it’s a night light and it also plays music it is pretty cool. He definitely loves that gift more right now because he is obsessed with having books read to him. He will go gather up all the books in the house and bring them to bed with us every night and we will read them until he falls asleep. They say reading to your kids really helps them out in life so I try and make sure I read to him  ac borger company tx whenever he wantsThe other night He will even brought me my fiancé’s Harry Potter book and so we ended up reading some Harry Potter that that is he is so cute ’cause he just acts like he understands exactly what you’re saying and wants going on and points at the pages and tries to figure out what word is what and he’s just in a cute little learning stage which is fun because I know he’s gonna be growing up soon ac company borger tx and I try to make sure to spend all the time I can with my little ones especially while they’re young.My youngest is actually two years old my oldest is about to be 5 in December so um definitely not ready for my oldest district going to school but I know that it’ll give me a chance to do more things throughout the day and not be as stressed as when I have two kids at home trying to help them with everything and it also will allow me to have more time to do a couple things for myself like I’m trying to learn how to be a tattoo artist so one thing that I’ve been doing is trying to watch videos online but sometimes that’s pretty hard to do whenever you have kiddos and can’t really take the time to watch an hour video without being interrupted and then you forget what you were talking about or listening to and then I’ve also got all these articles I do about the ac company borger tx Sorry I’m making my coffee right now I gotta stop breaks my skin I don’t know about y’all but I absolutely love ice coffee like I used to like the warm coffee like when you wake up and all that but here lately I love just throwing some ice in my coffee and it just tastes so good I don’t know I like it super cold and that also wakes me up as well I can definitely see a difference with my wake up times with cold coffee versus warm coffee I think it’s just because it’s cold and it kind of shocks My system a little bit but whatever does the trick I always get French vanilla that is like my all time favorite flavor but I’ve been thinking about doing some different ones I saw one I’m not really a big fan of hazelnut but I did see one that I was interested in trying but I’m always the type like I get scared to try things like I don’t know why but I don’t want to spend money on it and then not like it so I like to get the same thing over and over again even like at restaurants I do this it’s very hard for me to actually go out of my way and try something new ’cause if I spend like $30 on a mill I’m gonna need to know I’m gonna enjoy that milk a lot like. do not let me forget to call the ac company borger tx today I should probably send him a reminder ’cause I really need to speak to somebody from them and see about what an estimate is for a HVAC system ’cause my house is getting super hot this summer.


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