Hey guys so I am actually practicing doing a tattoo right now while I’m gonna be talking to y’all I am trying to bust out a wolf  On some practice skinac company borger tx and so far it is looking absolutely insane for me to do an animal like a wolf for the very first time it is looking like identical to the stencil and I’m so excited like so beyond excited for this I really feel like this is something that not only that I enjoy doing but I’m really good at and it’s hard for me to stay with things like I always get easily distracted and wanna switch to something else but tattooing has really been something that I’m sticking to and enjoying the entire process of learning everything and it’s just a very fun thing to do especially like when you like drawing and things like that this is like perfect because I can pretty much just draw for a living but it’s funny ’cause some people don’t even realize like tattooing is just like drawing like you can get a stencil and trace out stuff that you want or what your customer might want and then all you do is trace the stencil but if you wanna getac company borger tx really good it’s awesome to watch some people straight freehand a picture just from looking at it and do amazing but I’m the type of person I’m just starting so I kind of need that stencil to make sure that my lines are perfectly straight and to really get the depth of the picture like what this wolf I’m having to really dig deep and make fur so with making fur I’ve got to make a bunch of tiny straight lines that kind of point downward because if I just shade align it’s not going to look right so if I do long little strokes of her downward it gives it that fur effect and it’s crazy ’cause I literally just started tattooing and I am already in the groove and I absolutely love doing this stuff like an this wolf looks absolutely amazing especially compared to like some tattoo artists can’t do what I just did and I think it’s awesome now I just need to get the feel of real skin and that way I can learn more about the ac company borger tx and all the tattoo tricks that might help me along the way one thing that I do need to do is learn how deep to go into the skin because I am so light handed and I’m realizing that I’m not going deep enough whenever I have tattooed on skin so I really need to find that rhythm of how deep to go in I’m just scared to hurt somebody even though like they’ve already told me I am literally super light handed but that makes me happy to know that I’m light handed and not heavy handed ’cause I know heavy handed that usually leads to blowouts and stuff like that and I don’t want that on my tattoos that I’m doing. It’s great ’cause I just got a tattoo from my tattoo artist and I’m really not a fan of his wolf that’s why I’m even doing this I wanted to see you know what exactly to do and so I think whenever I get a new things of equipment ’cause we’re going to order new tattooing guns and stuff like that I think what I’m going to do is I’m going to try and touch it up because I’m really not a fan and so I figured if I don’t like it I might as well see what I can do ’cause then if I can do something better then that would be insane for me to only be practicing on practice skin and I’ve done two tattoos on somebody that’s it and my wolf on my practice skin looks 10 times more realistic than the ac company borger tx wolf on my arm that I already have as a tattoo so I definitely want to attempt to do that and see what all I can do to darken up the fur ’cause literally he just made align and colored the line like instead of making actual fur like we all know that fur is like Wong right on a wolf and so instead of discoloring align do one by one strokes of fur like but at least that’s what I’m gonna do I’m gonna touch it up I just won’t tell him ’cause I wouldn’t want to hurt his feelings or anything but sure if I could fix it I would definitely be one happy camper ’cause I mean I like it and all but it just doesn’t look as realistic as I thought it would but I bet with a little bit of fur and touchups that I can do to it but it could look good and then I might darken up the eyes and maybe round off the ears a little bit but that’s easy stuff that stuff that you can just darken up that’s one thing I love about tattooing is even though you might make a mistake it’s an easy recovery like OK like he gave me pointed ears and then on my  stencil it was rounded ears I looked way different so all I’ve gotta do is go start at the tip top of that triangle ear that he gave me and just slowly fade it into a  ac company borger tx circle on each side and then you just shade that year in so then you don’t see the triangle you see the circle it’s it’s really neat how you can perfect things without you know messed it up anything or do anything like that it’s crazy I guess my arm bruised from that tattoo ’cause he used single needle But everything else looks cute like the roses look cute and the little design at the bottom I just want to get it all the wolf having more fur and then I think it be perfect but yeah my wolf looks so realistic it’s amazing I’m so happy with it like even though it’s on practice skin if I could put this on me I would definitely be impressed. 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