Hey everybody so I am actually going to be working out right now and I am just going to do this ac company borger tx article while I do that so I can get this done before my little ones wake up. If you have kiddos then you know exactly what I’m talking about especially if they’re all under the age of 5 I’ve got two kiddos one is two and one is 4 and so I have them all day while I work from home so it is definitely a little hard to bust out some of these articles quickly so I like to be able to do it before they wake up so then I have time to drink my coffee wake up and just get these articles done and talk to y’all about everything going on throughout the day. Today I’m really not sure what we have planned I know I need to get a bunch of these articles done and I need to go visit my mom and then I really do need to I gotta practice some tattoos so I think I need to bust those out I’ll probably do another article about ac company borger tx while I’m actually giving myself a tattoo I’ve been learning how to do that so I really need to actually kick it into gear and start getting that all done so I can start getting the feel of everything I need to get some laundry done so I’ll probably start below to laundry so then I can get my fiancé’s clothes all clean he goes out of town a lot for work so I have to make sure that his clothes are always washed and in a bag ready to go just in case he gets called out for work because anytime it storms and their towers go down ’cause he puts up Internet and stuff like that for a company so anytime it storms or anything like that and that goes down he has to go and fix everything especially for their valued customers I don’t know what’s the difference between a customer and a valued customer but apparently valued customers have to get their Internet immediately once it shuts down so he’s always gotta go and I gotta be prepared to have his clothes ready in a bag to go at all times so but it’s underline very easy just got that yesterday he was gone for both two to three days with ac company borger tx so we definitely missed him but I guess he’s already got to go out of town soon I’m not sure exactly when. But anyways back to all the things I need to get done today I know I need to get some of this remodeling done in my house because we have actually been thinking about selling our home so we need to at least finish our bathroom where we have certain flooring that super cute we actually got a black marble and we’ve been laying that down but I don’t know how to do that very edges like I’m not really good at cutting the tile and so I did not want to mess it up so I was waiting on my fiancé so maybe while he’s home he can help me do that and then we can finish our closet I’m gonna go to Walmart after I pick up my check and go buy two bookcases and put those in a closet that we’re making we’re actually we took our second bathroom and took everything out and made a walk in faulted so I’m hoping that that will increase the value because that plumbing was down anyways and so we actually ended up saving money by making a closet instead of trying to Fix all of that. We plan on going to the store the ac company borger tx furniture store so then we can look at shelving and things like that I’ve been looking online at ways to do a closet it’s just weird because the way that this closet is there’s like a a window so it’s kind of a weird way to try to figure out what could go underneath that really easily but we might just like get like some something hold shoes or something and put it underneath the window figured that would be kind of cool and then maybe just some random square cubbies on one side and then something else on the other I just don’t know yet ’cause there’s a lot that can be done in this house . I’m really needing to find a AC company Borger TX to come and help me with remodeling and just give me some ideas of what would look better and sell this house faster. I know that there are definitely some things that need to be fixed in this house eventually so we’ll just have to think about all that and what all we’re willing to do and what we’re not willing to do. I know that we need to put new flooring in our kitchen and figure out what would look best in there because RAC decided that it was going to leak everywhere and mess up our kitchen so definitely not happy about that but Oh well there’s really not much you can do at this point whenever it’s already messed up but we’re thinking about just putting tile down because we know that kitchen there’s lots of water that’s involved like the sink and stuff like that same thing like with bathrooms my floor would have been destroyed if our bathroom flooring was wood because there’s so many times my kids just splash and throw water everywhere so I’m sure that we probably just need to lay tile in there I just wasn’t thinking about all that whenever we laid all that butOh well. I’m thinking about doing maybe a white marble flooring ’cause I’ve got black cabinets and stuff like that but I’ll probably just need to call the ac company borger tx home repair people who are in my area and can help me figure out what would look best specially to sell it.


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