OK guys I need some help because our washer has been acting up and I do not know why or what to do about it for some reason it works until it hits the rinse cycle and then it just stops and then I have to just run water like don’t put soap in it again but restart it and then that’s how I’ve been washing my clothes here lately and I need to know any tips that you or the ac company borgertx may have about this problem because it is driving me insane that I can’t use my washer correctly. I know that there’s lots going on that people are going through and all that but this is a big problem for me I have to wash clothes like every day and so I’m having to run my system twice as much then I should be so I know that’s probably going to make it mess up faster because I know when you overwork something that tends to happen a lot. I’ve been trying all of that figured out because we plan on moving soon and selling this house and it would just be way easier . We used to not be able to whenever we were kind of in a bind with money all the time but now that my fiancé has a better job and I’m working and I’m also doing tattoos from home when I can it’s been way easier to not only get things we need but also just splurge a little bit on the family I love being able to do period my little ones just Woke up so I gotta get them breakfast real quick and get them all situated so I can finish this article about ac company borgertx for y’all and let my children watch a movie they always like to watch a movie while they’re waking up well not a movie but I put on like episodes of Daniel tiger or something like that so then they can eat their breakfast and slowly wake up and be in a good mood and then it’s time to start our day like usual. I’m just glad I’ve already had my coffee and I’m awake so then it’s a lot easier for me to get up and get started too I know I need to bust out like 20 articles today if possible so I’m going to really try and get that all done but also spend some time with my kiddos I know that that’s really important. I recently got my oldest child a baby doll because he’s been asking for a baby sister and so I got him a baby doll practice seemed to be a Big Brother to the baby if we were to ever get pregnant and have another baby so trying more informative and teach him as much as I can before he goes off to school which he has a little brother and he knows to be gentle with him but infant babies are just a little bit different so I’d rather be extra careful and help him learn more about babies and how to change the diaper and how we rock the baby and we burp the baby ac company borgertx and even how we just pick up the baby just in case he was to ever try to do something like that I don’t have to just tell him no I can you know assist him and remind him how we took care of the baby doll because the way I think of it ’cause I know a lot of people are like no there boys they don’t need baby dolls but you know if more kids played with baby dolls they’d have more of an interest in babies so maybe we would have less fathers that are absent because now you know they’re excited about the baby there it’s just I don’t know I feel like every man is going to become a father one day or an uncle or something so you need to know how to take care of a baby so why not teach him at a young age Anne really explained to them how babies are and how they were given I mean everything that they need I just feel like that’s the more important thing to do But everybody has different visions for their kids ac company borger tx so if you think differently then that’s perfectly fine I’m not saying that you know I’m writing you’re wrong I just for my kids personally I would like them too be more experienced with babies because we do plan on having one more child so this not only prepares them It also teaches them how to help and be more hands on so I don’t have to tell him no he can’t do something when he really wants to ’cause every little boy or girl wants to hold their sibling it’s not like it’s just not built in them to just not care about him at all but so I wanna make sure that their loving to the baby and act right with the baby and the ac company borgertx and I know that it will be helpful in the long run.  I know I’m being scatterbrained today and kind of talking about a bunch of different things I am trying to stay on task as much as possible but I’ve got a lot going on especially today I gotta get a bunch of this done but I’m trying to hurry and also do a couple other things so I am Sorry guys I am doing this article while I am trying to clean and fix up my house we’re actually in the middle of renovations and I have a bunch of stuff we need to get done in about a weeks time so I’m going to try and get that all done quick So then when the lady comes to check out my house and give us an estimate it will be all done and we do not have to worry about any simple issues with the house.There’s lots of things I’m trying to get done and I really need to go to the store and pick up a couple things like flooring and things of that nature so I can see what would be best in our home.


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