Have you ever lived in a house where there’s not enough storage and places to be putting all your stuff that you own because the ac company borgertx if so I need some tips on how to deal with it and what to do because my house is getting so cluttered. I am moving things around right now as I do this article trying to change my cabinets and empty out anything that we don’t need and get rid of any trash that we have that we never use or put to use of any sort like I have a bunch of teas that are still here so I might just bag them up instead of trying to keep all of them in boxes Because it is just getting too clustered for all of us to try to keep all these boxes in there it like fills up my whole cabinet so I’ll just take that out and put it into a container of some sort and get that all organized the way I like.  I’m also moving my plates and spoons are not spoons plates bowls and cups over to a different cabinet and putting all my dishes on one side and my food on the other that way it’s easier for me to have everything in one little spot and I know where everything is at and I’m also going to get rid of our little mini fridge that’s taking up quite a bit of room and just give it back to my mom it’s just taking up a bunch of room and I think there’s even Lincoln on my floor so I want to get that out and have a bunch of room by that wall where it’s at because it is definitely taking up a lot of room for really nothing we’ve just got like vegetables and that can be moved over to our other freezer is just having I think I need to go ahead and organize my other freezer while I’m in it because it’s getting pretty cluttered as well with the ac company borger tx I need to have like one side of veggies I’ve got so many veggies and stuff it’s ridiculous my fiancé always it cannot set it because it’s like he’s got like 50 bags of veggies and you keep buying more frozen veggies like stop there’s no reason we need this much especially ’cause we don’t even set off we get the candles as well so I’m kind of just filling up our freezer for no reason but I like to have things on hand just in case if I wanna throw something in like something I’m cooking add I’ve got broccoli and stuff like that so I like to have that available if I want frozen broccoli to throw in a meal that I’ve already started and need to cooking for a little bit I controlled the frozen end instead of fresh because then I know that by the time the foods done that will be done and it makes it easier for when I cook. I am struggling for sure and I’m trying so hard to have everything organized we are actually in the middle of trying to sell our house so we need to get it on the market and in order to you know sell it you gotta show it and my house is so cluttered and I can’t get rid of it all it’s so annoying I just don’t know what to do about some things I’m trying my best but I’m pretty young and this is not something I’ve done before so definitely a process some have to get started actually had somebody randomly just message me and say hey are you interested in selling a house or  the ac company borger tx morebuying a house and I was like oh actually yeah we are like that’s awesome so glad that you message me ’cause I didn’t really know who to talk to about that so I just hadn’t messaged anybody about getting information until we get some of this work done ’cause we’ve got quite a bit of renovations we want before we sell it or at least talk to somebody who knows more about what would up the value in this home so we can make the most of our money I just really like the idea of being able to own our own home and get out of the neighborhood that we live in right now because it’s definitely not ideal especially for people with the family so I just really want to make sure that we get the most out of it and then we can get into a better neighborhood a better home something that fits us a little more ’cause we do plan on eventually having another baby or adopting whichever one we decide after the doctor tells me if I’m approved to have another baby or the ac company borgertx not but I definitely want more room especially ’cause I want like a 3 bedroom and then I would prefer to have a sunroom or something like that of some sort because I’ve got two huge dogs but if I just have a good fence then I’ll be good but I would like a sunroom because I do tattoo from home so I need a little office area for me to do all that for people and keep it all sanitized and away from my kids. I am trying to organize my house as much as possible so then whenever the people come to give us an appraisal it will be looking all nice and organized and look very sellable because that is what we need I need to get a bunch of storage things so I can have and it’ll help me out  Like the ac company borger tx as well to get some of this stuff all stored in looking better the way it Is easier 2 have them put it on the market quick but that is exactly what we’re wanting so we can sell it and get us a new home OK my house is so cluttered we have so much stuff I’m just going to get to the point where I just start throwing everything away honestly ’cause I am so not happy left the way everything is in our home I would much rather have a better organized way to have all our stuff but this house comes with very little storage places like our kitchen doesn’t have like a pantry or anything so we’re really working with what we got which can definitely be a pain sometimes but we try to manage with what we do have and Honestly clean out all these cabinets and everything and get that all done as well so I can move some stuff around the ac company borgertx how add


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