Oh man this summer it has been so hot and full of mosquitoes I swear it’s horrible. We literally just went outside for about 15 minutes Anne I was letting the kids play outside with chalk and we can’t even stay outside because it’s like we need an ac installation amarillo tx to come put an HVAC system outside I am not a fan of the summer time. There are lots of nice things that come with the summer but I just I hate how hot it gets ’cause there’s only so much you can do in the summer to deal with heat like during the winter you can put on more and more layers but with the summer I swear it’s it’s so bad you can only do so much like we’ve been to the pool I don’t even know how many times this summer just trying to stay cool because our HVAC system went out for a little bit and so we were just using wall AC’s like or window ac installation amarillo tx and Oh my goodness it absolutely sucked because we had all our ceiling fans or window units and we had screens over our windows so when it was windy outside we just open up the windows so but yet it’s still so hot in our house I’m tired of these 100 degree weather days I’m ready for some cool fall winter days. My kids absolutely love the summer but I am not a fan unless we get like a pool at our house I don’t think I’ll ever be a fan of the summer. My favorite season has got to be the winter time I love like going to like Colorado when it’s all snowed out there because and the Texas Panhandle there’s a lot of wind so then when it’s cold it’s it kind of sucks too but it’s not as bad as the summer but in Colorado where there’s like no wind and it’s just cold outside like 40 degree weather it’s my absolute favorite and I love to go hiking during that time it’s so relaxing and peaceful to just go out go hike a trail for like an hour or two with a cool outside ’cause then you’re not getting all hot and sweaty and miserable. Y’all call and just make sure to stay cool this summer by getting an ac installation amarillo tx company to come to your home and see what all they can do for you I know we definitely need an HVAC system put into this home Because this is just not working for us with these window units there’s only so much we can do since it only cools off so much square foot and we have a big house so having two window units does not cover our whole house we have one in our kitchen that cools off our kitchen and we’ve got one in our bedroom that cools off our bedroom but our kitchen is in between our living room and the other bedrooms so we figured putting in the kitchen would be best but now our living room is just super hot because it does not reach and provide enough cool air throughout the home. Now no matter where you’re located I’m sure you might want to call an ac installation amarillo tx company because everywhere gets cold or everywhere gets hot it really just depends where you’re at I know like in Colorado it would get pretty cold when we went for a week and were even thinking about moving there but the difference there was all the houses that we went and looked at and stuff they already had HVAC systems put in and so like in the Texas Panhandle it’s not like that as much like the house we live in doesn’t have one it just has a wall heater and then we have to use window units and then I think we only lived in one rent house that actually had an HVAC system Anne we weren’t even told how to properly use it so that one kind of sucked I mean we knew how to use it but we didn’t know how to maintain it and keep it clean and change out the filters which is very important we just ran that bad boy and I think we lived there for about 8 months and then realized after we left the landlord told us that we were supposed to change the filter and stuff or like sorry we’re young and just moved into a rent house that had that we never experienced one and knew how to take care of it but now I do. So if you are in a place like Colorado where it gets super cold then you might already have an HVAC unit but I would go ahead and if you don’t call a ac installation amarillo tx business and see what all they can do for you period now if you do live in the Texas Panhandle and you don’t have an HVAC system or maybe you just don’t know how to properly care for your HVAC system I highly recommend calling  a company that can help you with your project and get exactly what you are needing done because there’s no reason to keep dealing with this heat if you don’t have to right now we’re just in the process of getting a new job and getting back on track with our bills so we just can’t afford a new HVAC system right now but when we can we plan on getting one ’cause this summer has Ben very hard on me and my family so y’all just make sure to stay cool during this weather and if you can afford an HVAC system maybe still call a company and see what all they have like with suggestions and stuff I know what we did for a little bit that we found out was we ended up putting a fan that we just plugged into the wall and everything in front of our AC the one that goes in the window and it blew way further and spread a little bit further throughout our room and through the hallways to the other bedroom and that helped us tremendously we always sleep with that fan on so I hope that was helpful to you. 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