I don’t know why but my allergies have been messing with me so bad here lately. Every time I’m home I’m always sneezing and my eyes are all watery. I looked up some things online to see if I could find a reason or just some tips to stop it but a lot of things had to do with my hvac system and maybe needing to have the ac installation amarillo tx come and check my system. I was also reading that it could have something to do with my filter or duct work if I don’t clean them regularly. I just moved into this house about a couple months ago so I’m not sure if I need to have someone come out and check everything for me. My hvac system seems to work fine but there has been a lot of dust that gathers around the house. It showed online that I should change my filter like every 2 months  so I think I’ll go get a reusable one so I’m not wasting a ton of money on filters every other month. I had no clue hvac systems needed so much upkeep done to keep the air purified and working properly. I’m definitely going to call my landlord and see if I should have an ac installation amarillo tx company come out and check on everything. I know it’s been at least 6 months with this house vacant before I moved in so it’s probably something that needs to be done. It doesn’t help I have 3 long haired dogs as well so I definitely need to at-least change the filter. I’ll probably order some on Amazon and see what’s the best ones that works great and lasts a long period of time. Another thing I’ve been experiencing is sometimes the air takes a little bit to cool off the house. At my parents it seemed to work way faster and did not run as long but I’m not sure if they just had a better system but I bet the  ac installation amarillo tx will know and be able to give me more advice on what could be cause of all these things. I know that there are lots of options with systems and each equipment is different so I’ll see what they tell me. So after calling a good company to come check out everything they said that this hvac system is getting old and is clogging quickly. I did not know this but I guess hvac systems last 20-25 years and the one in this house is 18 years so now I have to talk with my land lord and see what he thinks is best. They defiantly confirmed that the dryness in the air and the filter and everything being clogged could most likely be the reason why I have all these symptoms. There is also a lot of dry air right now outside so I bet it all has something to do with it too. I live in Texas and the weather here is all over the place and is very unpredictable. I’m used to being in Galveston where it was super humid and now it’s really dry so I think my sinuses are in shock from the drastic changes.I ended up setting up an appointment with the ac installation amarillo tx to see what all they offer for just cleaning. I’m not sure if they do duct work  cleaning but if not I can just call another company and see if they can come check everything for me to get to the bottom of all this. I literally get stopped up while at home but then when I get outside I feel way better so that’s why I’m thinking it’s the inside of the house. I found a great hvac company and I found a good company to clean the duct work. They came and looked at everything and said it probably has not been cleaned in about 10 years and It is recommended for duct cleaning to be done every 3-5 years depending on how everything is set up. They hvac system said that the duct work was not that great. Apparently it was not fitted properly and it is a little loose which is allowing air to escape instead of it to be spread through out thehome equally. This hvac company did an amazing job today checking on my system. I ended up signing up to do a routine maintenance since I signed a lease for 2 years in this home and I want to make sure this system lasts as long as possible and to keep it working efficiently. If you all would like to have a good ac installation amarillo tx and you are located in amarillo or the surrounding areas recommend Hall Heating and Air. The technicians really knew what they were talking about. They even gave a bunch of tips on his how to keep it clean and how to check all the things I can without their help and also told me about some common issues with hvac systems and how to trouble shoot it. They really helped me and now my allergies have stopped acting up and my eyes aren’t dry anymore! Now that I’ve had the air ducts cleaned I shouldn’t need it cleaned again for 3-5 years so I’ll be set for a long time. I’m just thankful my landlord paid for that cause when they were telling me pricing they told me anywhere from $400-$1000 but I guess if it lasts up to 5 years than it’s worth it. The ac installation amarillo tx was one of the best company’s when it came to their customer service as well. They were all very friendly and understanding when I told them that I have never had an hvac system and was not sure what was all needed to keep everything perfect and running the right way. Well now that I’ve got all that figured out I think I’m going to end this article. If you have any of these symptoms be sure and call Hall Heating and Air.


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