This morning has been so rough for me getting started on all this I have drink two cups of coffee and for some reason I am just lagging today not sure what is going on but I am definitely struggling with this but anyways let’s get started about talking about all the ac installation borger tx companies around the Texas Panhandle hold on one second I gotta let my dogs outside to go to the bathroom my dog I swear we have fixed our fence like nine times in this dog will straight climb the fence to get out and it drives me crazy because there’s no reason for him to be acting like he needs to be out all the time but now he is like he got out one time and now he thinks he needs to be outside all day long an wants to run away and I’m too scared to let him outside by himself now because he’ll just take off and it’s frustrating not to be able to let him outside by himself. Other than that he’s a great dog like absolutely love him but just I would like to be able to leave him outside while he goes to the bathroom I hate having to supervise all the time which understand his dog man he doesn’t want to be trapped in a house or a yard all the time or just go on walks he wants to be free but it’s hard for me ’cause I’ve got like I said I’ve I’ve got two little ones so to watch him go to the bathroom I’ve gotta leave them inside and then they fight because then they wanna go outside Anne then there’s arguments over who can get on the trampoline first because my youngest one’s not really able to jump so when I put him on he can night be with his older brother because he jumps and makes him fly and hurts himself and it’s just it’s all stressful over a dog having to go to the bathroom but anyways let’s get back to talking about the ac installation borgertx I wanted to talk a little bit more about that because I feel like I’ve not gone over that much things on that so today we will be talking about the small town borger so if you don’t know what borger looks like if you’ve ever been to like pampa just imagine it’s so much smaller than pampa like I don’t know how people live in borger I could never I feel like pampa is already too small and so that frustrates me when it comes to like things to do with my kids ‘cause I just want to take my kids to go play and go do fun stuff and we always end up having to go to Amarillo for better choices so that is one thing I wanted to talk about is having all the HVAC choices that some people don’t realize the doing ac installation borgertx companies like a couple in pampa I know will come to you which I think is really cool that way if you are in a small town like borger then you can have a company come out to you and service your home so that you do not have to worry about About choosing a company that is not highly recommended just because that’s the only one in your area There are many companies that are able to come to you an actually help you get what you are looking for so be sure and at least check certain companies out in other areas like I know HallHeating and Air they will come to you as long as you’re in the Texas Panhandle so people in borger y’all would be set because they are a highly recommended company that does amazing work all over the Texas Panhandle and I know this because they have helped all of my family out tremendously when it came to their HVAC systems So if you are looking for the ac installation borger tx companies around you be sure and look into them I’m having to get my kids gaming system  set up real quick hold on sorry he loves playing Mario 64 it’s so cute ’cause I used to play it whenever I was younger and now he’s all into it so we went and got him the Nintendo switch the other day then now he has been on that game I think almost like every other day playing Mario 64 but we also got him like this racing game too he loves I swear they come out with new technology every year just shocks me on some of the stuff that they come up with but this is the Nintendo switch is pretty handy specially like people with kids like we all know the struggles of traveling with children is not easy so the fact that they made a gaming system that can do both stay on the TV and also take with you too travel is absolutely awesome in my opinion I know when I take my kids anywhere it is a struggle because they do not like sitting in the car that long so now that we have this little gaming system will be much easier to bribe them so that we can all go travel as well. OK now that I’ve got that all set up I’ll talk a little bit more about this sorry I tend to get off track on here but now back to the ac installation borger tx information. I highly recommend looking into pampatx companies because some of them can travel that one specifically that I have talked about and have amazing reviews I hope you all have an amazing day I’m sorry I’m going to have to jump off here my kids are going crazy and fighting right now so I have to get off here but I will take a break and do another article soon and have more information for y’all so just stay tuned and I will make sure to get more information out about the ac installation borger tx .


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