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Today I’m going to be going over a couple of questions that are frequently asked for HVAC systems and ac maintenance amarillo tx in the area that I’m in. Now one question that I have noticed is always asked is how long should I be running my ac so with this question I’m assuming you mean like with your desired temperature when it is reached so it should only take about 15 to 20 minutes to reach your desired temperature so let’s say that outside is 72 degrees and you put your ac on 64 it should only take at Max about 20 minutes to get to 64. If your system is taking way longer than that and trying to run all day long then there is probably an underlining problem that you need to have that ac maintenance amarillo txcompany that you choose come and fix that there’s many different options or things that it could be so just talk to them and explain to them that your system is not really wanting to shut off or taking away longer to shut off than regularly if your system has always ran that way it might be it could be a couple different problems but one specifically it could be that your unit is too small for your accounts this usually can happen if you have an inexperienced company come out and get you a unit you can’t just base it off of the numbers you have to base it off the size of the home because each size will cool and heat a different amount of square footage. That is why it is so important that you find a good trustworthy company that has been around for many of years I suggest at least 10 years because you don’t want a brand new company that just started maybe like a year or two ago and their technicians not be very experienced because there’s a lot of things that go into air conditioning and ac maintenance amarillo txthat you learn over the years with trial and error. If you are not sure what company to go with you can always look into Hall Heating and Air they have been around for a very very long time and have a lot of great reviews an offer many different things when it comes to services and also the equipment that they use. That is another thing that you need to look into whenever you are choosing a company you need to look at the equipment that they use because that is very important as well on the equipment I do recommend train there’s many different equipment that they they can use but I do recommend using train because of the extensive testing that is put through which I think is very important especially when you live in a place like the Texas Panhandle like me it is very common for one day it to be very hot and the next day there could be snow on the ground there’s really no Brill secure season I think we had snow one time in March and that’s just not very normal but in the Texas Panhandle it’s more common than it’s not so if you’re located in the Texas Panhandle then I really recommend getting an ac maintenance amarillo tx company like Hall heating and air. This company that sells withtrane equipment is perfect.HallHeating and Air also does use trane that is another good reason of why I recommend them but also just because they have an amazing review and the people who run that business also run other successful businesses that are highly rated and but you know that they know how to help people get everything they want and don’t have any bad ratings or anything like that it’s hurting a small town like  pampa it’s very easily to upset somebody and then then go post on social media somewhere and then more attention to that company in a negative way which I’ve never even seen anything negative about holes heating and air so that says a lot about them and what kind of people and business owners they are now another question that is commonly asked but I feel like everyone should know is how often to change a filter which the reason why I think everyone should know this is because it is very often about every two to three months depending on everything in your home and so if you have animals or anything like that you need to go ahead and change them often I recommend also getting a reusable one you can save quite a bit of money just by using a reusable one instead of getting a new one every two months and pain for one each two months so you can ask the company that you decide to go with like with your ac maintenance amarillo txand they can point you in the right direction or they might have one offered just depending every company is different so you just gotta ask and also that’s another thing with choosing or companies be sure and talk to them and see what offers they have and what deals you can get. If you would like to know more about HallHeating and Air I will put the link below so that you can go find out more information about them and what their company offers. If you would like to talk to somebody in person you can call them and set up an appointment or just go into their office at 810 W foster Ave in pampa TX but just remember that they do go all over the Texas Panhandle so they can come to you instead. Call the ac maintenance amarillo tx company today and they will help you get exactly what you need When looking for the right company to either put in a system or repair or just maintenance a system. you better


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Nancy B.