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Good morning everyone I just woke up who I’m really trying to focus on what I’m trying to do and this is the finish this AC maintenance Borger TX article I’ve got only 10 more to get done today so I’m super excited about that and We’ve got a bunch of stuff is actually going to be coming in the mail think today or tomorrow I’m not quite sure but I really need to get up and go get a coffee maybe like a Sonic coffee or something ’cause I might fall asleep doing this but my kiddos are sleeping I don’t want to wake him up as the only thing that sucks I wish people could bring you a Sonic drink I’ll pay an extra $2 to bring me a drink since I get half off anyways. After having it yesterday I absolutely loved itEven my fiancé liked it and he is not a big chocolate fan all I did was get a French vanilla large iced coffee with little ice and then one pump of chocolate and then you make sure to mix that around really well and it taste absolutely amazing. They do have like a caramel flavor but I’m just not that big on the ac maintenance borger tx caramel to me it’s just too much some people think chocolates too much like that’s my fiancé he thinks the chocolate is just too much like he’s gonna have trouble with something else if he’s going to eat chocolate he can’t just eat like a chocolate bar but like he can eat Reese’s because the peanut butter is more overwhelming so yeah we did a chocolate pump inside the French vanilla and it really blended well and I absolutely loved it. So if you are looking for a AC maintenance Borger TX place to get coffee be sure an at least check out Sonic especially because they’re half off before 10:00 o’clock and I don’t know about y’all but I drink my coffee before 10 every day like I need it by 6 seven o’clock so ten o’clock is a good amount of time like especially if you gotta go to work and stuff and you don’t want to drink the coffee there stop and pick up a coffee on your way that’s what I used to do when I used to work at the daycare but now that that I work from home and my kiddos sleep in it’s hard for me to get out and go get a coffee.  The only thing you really have to worry about is it does have quite a bit of calories and fat So what I did yesterday was I got one and I drink it all but then I ate clean for the rest of the day completely so I mean as long as you eat clean and you don’t need a bunch of fat and things like that that can be your little percentage of your daily fat I guess but I eat chicken breast and broccoli so then it’s something that how I think about it is yes it’s going to weigh you down 100% so if you go jump on the scale right after you eat of course you’re going away more because it’s mass in your stomach it’s now in your body so it’s going to make you weigh heavier but it doesn’t stick to you like the bad food does like the extra fatty foods the greasy food those stick to you and all those negative bad stuff is now in your system that is going to be stuck to you and harder to get through plus just eating McDonald’s itself is already so many calories like it’s insane I’d never realized the ac maintenance borger tx because I used to eat McDonald’s all the time don’t get me wrong but I realize that now like one meal from McDonald’s is almost your daily value one person only needs about 2000 to 2500 calories a day and sitting down at McDonald’s an ordering one mill the fries the coke and the burger depending on what burger you get you could almost reach that 2000 easy and that means if you wanted to stay in your 2000 calorie range you wouldn’t be able to eat for the rest of the day. One thing that I have started doing is just getting the Turkey burgers from Walmart whenever I’m wanting a hamburger or you can get the 93% fat free it’s a little bit more expensive but you don’t have to worry about it coming with so much fat and dealing with all that because if you are wanting to stay on the healthy side and replace fast food like I am then that is a really good outlet and think to switch things up to ac maintenance borger tx so then you can still have your hamburgers and stuff like that Turkey burgers don’t really have much flavoring so you really gotta do a lot of seasoning and even then it’s still something that you really have to work with Turkey is just a very bland flavor when it comes to that so I recommend doing the 93% fat free so then you’re actually still getting the taste of a burger without having to have all the fat that comes with it. Another thing that I have done is whenever I am wanting a snack late at night I am now switching up my usual snack like candy or something like that and I started eating yogurt like it’s this one that I ate last night it was like a Boston cream pie yogurt and it tastes amazing super sweet and is healthy for you and then ac maintenance borger tx you don’t have to worry about all of the sugar that comes inside with any like little Debbie snacks or candy or anything like that.

 I know some people aren’t really a big water fan So what I recommend for making sure to drink your water throughout the day is getting flavored water there’s many different flavors like wild Berry mango pineapple like there’s a there’s a lot of big flavors at I absolutely love like grape An other great flavors like that so I recommend you at least try it I think there was even a lemon I used to drink the lemon whenever I was pregnant it really helped my morning sickness for some reason. I ended up actually having to go to the hospital when I was pregnant because I had eaten Rama noodles and apparently my child did not like Rama noodles and it made me sick like literally every 15 minutes an I waited up to think that eight hour mark and then I finally called the hospital and they said if I was to keep getting sick for the next hour to go ahead and go in so I ended up having to go to the hospital an they helped me out because I I don’t know if it was just because he did not like the Rama noodles or if there was something wrong with the Rama noodles I’m not really sure but after that it was so hard to eat like I was so terrified of eating it was crazy and keeping water down because every time I throw up I try to drink some water and it would immediately make me throw up so in my brain I was like terrified to drink water after that because even after I started taking their nausea medicine I was still getting sick but they said that everything was fine and that it was just the baby so I was terrified of drinking water afterwards even like the next day after not throwing up I was still terrified to drink water ’cause I associated water with throwing up ’cause it made me throw up every single time I took a drink and then it was like weird because it was right there on the 15 minute mark after that too is like 15 minutes went by boom throw up 15 minutes went by throw up it was so strange that’s why I was like it can’t be anything like OK yeah I’m sick or like food poisoning it was literally 15 minutes I even put a timer on my phone an when it would start about to be going off I’d be like maybe like 30 seconds before I add start getting sick and then while I’m getting excited my timer would be going off and I’m like Oh my goodness what is going on so after that I start drinking those flavor waters the are not the vanilla sorry I’m drinking vanilla coffee right now but I start drinking the lemon water an it help completely and I quit having morning sickness altogether so I highly recommend those even if like if you’re pregnant and stuff like that that’s how I made sure to drink enough water was I drink those flavored waters an I quit drinking cokes because there’s so many different flavors and everything.  It’s so funny now I can’t even look at Roman noodles like I don’t I don’t know what exactly happened I don’t know if he just did not like them or if I got sick or what but that was such a traumatizing time throwing up every 15 minutes on the dot for 8 to 9 hours I can’t even imagine taking one bite of Rama noodles but they’re not healthy for you anyways so I’m OK with not eating those. one thing that Happened after I had gotten sick a bunch is I ended up losing some weight I don’t think I started gaining weight until five months of being pregnant and then that happened and then I lost like 3 pounds from just getting sick over and over and over again and losing so many liquid’s and everything ’cause I could not keep anything down and then it went on for like two days I couldn’t even sleep it had happened around dinner time I think it was like 5 or 6 is when it started and then I was trying to lay down in bed and that’s whenever I started noticing it was every 15 minutes ’cause I would look at the time and ’cause I was curious to what time it was and all that and so I’d look at the time and everything and I lay down and then on the dot 15 minutes and so that’s why I set my alarm was ’cause it was very hard for me to try to make it to the bathroom each time to get sick so that’s why I started doing a timer from every 12 to 15 minutes so then I’d have a heads up of when it was about to happen but then sometimes it was still ahead of the timer so I was just like well I might have to just lay in the freaking bathroom and so I took a pillow in a blanket in the bathroom and just slept in there an I mean by slept I laid there I didn’t actually get to sleep at all and so whenever I had gone to the doctor and they finally got me on some medicine and I think it was like 6 hours later after I had taken the medicine when I finally stopped getting sick my mom decided to watch my other son so then I could finally get some rest because I was up all night and early that morning and I was just exhausted and he was wide awake as he had slept the whole time I was getting sick so plus pregnancy doesn’t help anyways when it comes to being exhausted and stuff like that.


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