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I’m going to be doing this ac repair borger tx article while I’m getting ready so bear with me I will be stopping frequently I’ve gotta get ready and go pay bills man get all this stuff done of four 10:00 o’clock and I have not had my coffee so I am going on couple hours of sleep no coffee I have a bunch of things I have to get done definitely not ideal to start the day like this but that is just how we are gonna be doing it today. I’ve got so much I need to get done and so little time I’ve gotta bust out some of these articles I wanna at least get 10 to 15 done today so then I am more prepared to getting the months quote a done but it is definitely hard when I’ve got my little ones at the house I’ve gotta keep stopping and making them food I’ve made some breakfast twice this morning and yet somehow They are still hungry but I guess that’s boys for you. I need to also get ahold of aacI know my landlord has been searching for one Anne wants to put some new systems with ac repair borger tx in some other rent houses and asked me to help him find a good company so I’ve got to do that today as well I definitely am not prepared for this kind of day today but Oh well I really need to just go get some coffee and I’m sure then I’d be fine I just got a lot of stuff to do before I can even leave the house to go get coffee and I’ve been up since 6 and I’m still not ready I like to pay bills on the dates that I get paid so then I can get everything out of the way and then know our budget for the week or every other week depending I definitely like to be in control of a lot of things so whenever we get paid I automatically go and pay all the bills so then we know what we have extra and then we split that in half and save half of it so then we’re also putting stuff in savings for our kids but then also giving us a little money to enjoy an go do fun stuff my fiancé actually got a new job Anne makes way more than he used to so now we’re having to get up idea of how much to save and how much to let us keep and spend and then I am writing these articles for the ac repair borgertx and also riding for a magazine. I need to actually get some of those magazine articles out today because I have gotten a little behind on those trying to get all these done But this is definitely something that I love doing I have always been a big fan of riding and things like that so I’m really glad that I have found this opportunity and the opportunity for focus on the family magazine that I write for it as well it’s definitely something that I can do from home and keep my kids at home so they don’t have to go to daycare we had quite a bit of bad experiences with daycares for some reason and so now we don’t really care to have our children there it’s just wasn’t for us I guess we are very particular of who watches our kids and whenever our son had gotten bit twice in a row like literally he was bit once at like 8:00 o’clock in the morning which drew blood and then the same kid bit him again at like 12 and then whenever I talked to the director because I actually worked there at the time she told me that she wasn’t really going to do anything about the kid even though he’d already bit other kids as well and the other daycare that I worked  ac repair borger tx at had a policy where if you bet I think it was like five times then you got either removed from that class or you got removed from the daycare just depending and so I was not prepared to hear that she wasn’t going to do anything about my kid being but because this kid was already biting other kids and had drew blood on every single kid that he had bit and he also hit all the time he was just very hard kid to handle through the teacher I guess but then when the director didn’t want to do anything about it that’s whenever I had to do something for my son so I ended up quitting that job and becoming a stay at home mom and now I just take care of my kids and now I do these articles and make sure the house is all clean run some errands every now and then just pending but this is definitely a good opportunity for me with the ac repair borgertx. Sorry I keep stopping between my cynicism forgetting where I left off ’cause I’m in the middle of doing my hair but anyways to get back on track I need to call around and see what all places service everywhere ’cause the businesses I’ve been looking into just have not seemed that great I’m a little wary of sending my landlord their information because they don’t even though they might have been in business for like maybe like 4 years I still don’t feel like they are the best company for the jobs so I’m trying to find a company that at least been around for like 10 years I know that sounds like a long time but with HVAC systems it’s a very serious thing so you want to make sure that you find somebody who’s really qualified that way you’re not wasting your time and money on somebody or a company that is only going to provide of the services or have to deal with a bunch of complications or things like that usually when a company is starting and stuff like that they’re figuring out how to not only run a business but how to do what their business is selling their ac repair borger tx services Anne I just do not feel like being the person that send somebody that’s not prepared to do the job to my landlord since he does kind of own my house.


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