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I’m able to put more time into those air conditioner repair borger tx then try and clean cook and do all that but I’ve been doing really good just because it’s been easy to just take my phone with me and do these articles wherever I’m at like like earlier like I said I was cleaning up my kids toy area and now I’m bout to start cooking so then I have all of our lunch and dinner prep mills done for the week because we are actually in the process of trying to lose weight together and my husband so I’ve got a bunch of healthy foods and snacks and I’m gonna be cooking some of that today and getting that all done so then I don’t have to worry about cooking for the rest of the week I got some chicken breast and I’ve got I ended up just fine the cups of rice because I am not that great at cooking rice like out of a box always end up messing it up somehow so I ended up just getting the cups that are microwavable that way will actually eat it and I don’t have to worry about overflowing and making a mess and also just less pans that I have to clean up afterwards and all that jazz ’cause I hate doing the dishes we don’t have air conditioner repair borger tx a dishwasher so it drives me crazy I I’m going to be adding different seasonings on our chick in so then make sure it tastes really good since that’s all we’ll be eating this week. I like to put a lot of the seasonings on the bottom of the pan so then whenever you put your chicken or whatever down then it’s really coating the bottom as well so I am a huge season fan I will see everything so right now I’m doing nature seasoning salt pepper I’ve got a season all and I’ve got pepper Rica an onion powder and then depending on what’s in my fridge I might add some different flavoring Chris depending on what I can find see what else we have ’cause I don’t want to overdo it But putting all the seasons at the bottom makes it easier I can just sees in the bottom of my air conditioner repair borger tx or the my pan that I’m going to be putting it in and then just place the chicken on the pan and then just sees in the top that way I’m making sure that the opposite side is getting seasoned really well as so it just makes it way easier that way Can’t forget to add your salt and pepper it’s always a must and then I will add a couple spoonfuls of butter I don’t use just your average butter I try to go with the healthier version that in the pan see where is our butter someone reason I’m not seeing our butter and I know we have it maybe we have a plant based butter with olive oil and it’s very free we try to do a lot of things that are plant based in this family like of even God like corn dogs that are plant based for the kiddos ’cause we all know that kids don’t eat as much vegetables as they should at least mine don’t personally so I rely on plant based food so then they are getting more then the average if I just put air conditioner repair borger tx vegetables on their plate like last night I put even corn they don’t really eat but I put corn on their plate I’ve tried peas and I mean I season my stuff so I know that it’s good I eat it myself so I try to go all out on the veggies to make him taste his biggest possible of even made cheese with velveeta cheese I make it and I pour it on top of the veggies so that then maybe they’ll eat it and they still won’t but they love their fruit so I’m at least glad they’ll do that so as long as I keep up with their plant based food i know that they’re getting  Enough  veggies that they need to stay healthy. Now I’m going to be cooking my air conditioner repair borger tx chicken I like to cook it faster and for a shorter amount of time it allows the chicken to become more juicy an hold in that if you do it for a let’s say like 350 for 30 minutes tends to dry out your chicken but if you do it at 4:50 for 20 minutes it works a lot better and you actually keep most of the juices that tend to dry out when you do it for a longer period of time. I really like my chick in to taste as well as possible because chicken can get pretty plain so for me it’s very important 2 put your chicken in some kind of sauce like what I like to do with mine I’m going to have a couple pieces of chick with cheese and jalapeños and then have other pieces of chicken without but I really like special here lately I really have been enjoying jalapeños so I need to honestly probably take a pregnancy test just in case because I like jalapeños but I’ve been crazy about air conditioner repair borger tx jalapeños lately and I don’t know what’s going on ’cause everything I’ve been wanting it was is or something with jalapeños but it could just be my taste buds changing or something I’m not really sure. In my opinion it’s always good to just take a test just in case if you do start having weird little things like that but it’s most likely just my taste buds changing or something or maybe a deficiency at least that’s what I’m hoping ’cause I was not prepared to have another baby yet so I’m hoping that just jalapeños are tasting a little bit more better here lately.


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