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Hey, so I am going to be doing The air conditioner repair borger tx article while I’m on the phone with my mom. I am also right in the middle of talking to her about her open heart surgery that she is going to have while my oldest child is doing his schoolwork. My mom had gone to the doctor here recently and unfortunately they told her that she will be having open heart surgery so we’ve gotta really watch what she does and what she eats because she’s not understanding that eating healthy would help her she still feels like Oh well if I still feel OK after eating a hamburger that she’s fine and it trying to make her understand that you can still feel fine and it’s still doing damage to your heart while you’re trying to fix it so but one day at a time maybe she’ll start realizing even we have started eating healthy and our family because I don’t want to ever have to deal with that or my boys ever have to deal with open heart surgery so we’ve actually started eating healthier and stopped eating out as much and even if we do eat out we try to eat air conditioner repair borger tx somewhat healthy not something with a bunch of cholesterol or anything like that and really try to stay on top of things before it gets bad because I definitely don’t want to be that type of person that needs an open heart surgery when they get older ’cause it is very stressful I know how stressful it is for me to watch my mom have to go through this stuff and I don’t want to have to put my kids through it just because I like to eat bad food. Here lately we have been eating a lot of chicken since it is healthier for you and we try to eat plant based food right now since I have been kind of craving jalapeños for some reason I’ve been doing a seasoned chicken breast with melted cheese mixed with jalapeño juice and jalapeños inside And air conditioner repair borger tx I absolutely love it it gives me that little bit of spice that I want imma cheese since I put the sauce in there and then also just having a seasoned chicken breast is good and making sure you cook it at the right temperature really allows for the juices to stay inside the chicken so I’m very happy with that there’s been lots of different times where I get tired of chicken and don’t want to deal with it all the time because it doesn’t have much flavoring but switching up with the jalapeño and all that has really made a difference and I just can’t wait to start losing weight with it and starting to feel better because I don’t know about you but I know whenever I eat junk food and things like that it always makes me feel like crappy afterwards and today I mean I even ate chicken for breakfast I could have added yogurt but since I’ve been craving jalapeños so much I was like oh go ahead and eat some chicken I’ll eat some yogurt for dinner or something but I don’t know what it is with jalapeños but right now they are my favorite thing and the whole world when it comes to food.The air conditioner repair borgertx food has been absolutely amazing especially for being healthier versions of what I normally eat ’cause now I can eat however much I want I’m not really have to worry about hitting my daily calorie and fat intake. I’ve been trying to also lose quite a bit of way I want to at least lose 15 to 20 pounds so i think i’m gonna try to go on  A whole month diet of just eating chicken and yogurt and things like that that are healthy and beneficial for me so then it’ll be a lot easier to lose this extra weight that I have gained after having two children I’m really dedicated in losing this weight because I definitely want to start getting to the point where I’m not only self conscious about my weight but the air conditioner repair borger tx also just I’m more confident about everything in life and I’m not having to struggle about how I look in each outfit that I wear and things like that. I know that I’m only about 20 pounds overweight than I should be but 20 pounds is a lot for me because I’m really short but even though I’m I don’t look horrible it’s just the fact I don’t want to be 20 pounds overweight like this so I want to make sure that I’m doing everything necessary the helping myself lose weight and get in better shape so I’m definitely going to quit eating chips and things like that and even just snacking at night we tend to do that quite a bit so if I just cut that out and start eating maybe like a yogurt at night instead of trying and eat chips and salsa and queso and things like that then maybe I can really get my weight under control and to the place I would prefer it to be at. It’s definitely been I struggle with getting my mind right and making myself really kick into gear because I usually have a fast metabolism at least before I had kids I did and now that I don’t have it I’m starting to see a bunch of weight gain that I’ve never really seen before other than being pregnant normally after being pregnant like with my first child I gained about 60 pounds maybe like 70 pounds honestly but after I had him I lost the weight within eight months so I’ve never really been at a standstill with he air conditioner repair borger tx being overweight.


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