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I’ve always lost it pretty quickly and then with my second I only got maybe like 30 pounds of baby weight so I lost it right after I had him but then I started gaining weight again because my metabolism is not the same like I I how it used to be I used to be able to eat all the time with the air conditioner repair borger tx but I also used to work out quite a bit and now that I don’t really have the time I don’t put in that much effort into working out and trying to stay fit but that’s all about to change. I plan on getting up every morning at 5:00 o’clock and starting some type of workout while I do these articles and I want to get to a spot where I not only am comfortable with my weight but also comfortable with how it looks because after having kids it definitely makes your body change quite a bit so I am very self conscious about some parts and would like to tone them up so they don’t look as bad so I definitely want to do that and I also need to heal my stomach ’cause after having kids I got the separation in my abdomen and cannot seem to heal it just right so I really need to focus on that as well so I need to take some time out and really put some effort into the air conditioner repair borger tx doing the right workouts to heal my stomach so then it makes it a lot easier to get fuller and also feel great about how my stomach looks because it makes a weird bulge at the top of it and I’m definitely not used to that I used to honestly almost have abs whenever I was in high school and stuff like that which I’m only  25 I’ve only been out of school for a little bit but I definitely want to get back to that place and really feel good about myself again having two kids is hard enough but when you’re also having to deal with your insecurities and things like that it definitely puts a toll on things so I’m probably going to finish this article while I do a workout so then I am at least getting a workout in today and air conditioner repair borger tx make myself drink a bottle of water ’cause I’m trying to increase my water intake as well because I really do lack the want of drinking water so I do need to pick up my water intake and I’m sure that will help me lose weight as well. I started taking I start going to the store an getting this flavored water because I’m not able to I mean I am able to but I just really don’t prefer to just drink plain water so I get all these flavoring waters Anne it’s been helping me and the air conditioner repair borger tx a little bit so I need to just keep drinking that water and staying on top of things and I’ve also been taking these apple cider vinegar with ginger cayenne and Maple supplements it’s a diet supplement 90 capsule thing that’s supposed to help water balance weight loss an intestinal health so I’m really trying to stay on top of that as well because I’m supposed to take three a day so I really wanna do that and get as far as possible that I can. Oh no I guess I lost my weights I have 10 pound weights that I have in my living room normally and right now I cannot find them not sure F oh there they are are on top of this storage thing I’ve got I forgot I put him up there whenever I move stuff around. I’m just ban forgetful I guess ’cause I just put those up there not too long ago and now I already forgot the  moved everything around and put those up there to make sure that the kids didn’t pick him up ’cause they are 10 pounds like I said so I didn’t want them to drop them on their feet or something and hurt their toes or I know that 10 pounds is a lot especially for a four year old so I have to make sure to keep my weights up and especially ’cause my 2 year old he could definitely hurt himself with them so I’ve got a little storage bin thing that I’ve got and I put jackets and the other one I put blankets and so I forgot I put it on top of that so they couldn’t reach it. I need to look up online at the air conditioner repair borger tx and see if maybe they have some tips on me losing weight and stuff like that so then I can get advice from everybody I know. It’s crazy the older you get the more you gain way in the tired or you get so it’s like you need more time to actually be able to workout and have more energy to lose weight but then it’s also just hard because you don’t have as much energy at least I know I don’t.  I Think I’m going to put on some type of show not sure what exactly I know I wanted to watch the Woodley and Paul fight last night but I fell asleep I was just too tired to stay awake. I’m getting to the stage where it’s very hard for me to stay awake past 12:00 o’clock and actually stay up late at night ’cause boat ten o’clock I’m ready to go to bed and it’s a struggle just to stay up an hour after that time so if I can make it till 11 or 12 it’s very rare so last night I didn’t get to watch the fight but I can always just watch the fight online on YouTube I’m sure it’s posted on there and it’s easy to figure out who won. The air conditioner repair borger tx I’m sure can help me find out as well ’cause there’s lots of stuff on line .


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