Air Conditioner Repair Borger Tx-0004

I finally got ahold of somebody to come And renovate my air conditioner repair borger tx house for me up just a little bit. I am going to tell you a little bit about what he is going to do too my house and he’s actually going to finish these projects that I’ve been wanting done like hour bathroom that we want done he’s gonna come and put up some sheetrock and fix it all up and then lay our carpet down so then we can have our carpet and I’m going to ask him a couple more questions about everything so I’m super excited about getting this all done and having our closet done so then we can actually hang up some clothes Right now it’s just a empty room that’s just holding all our stuff like sheetrock and are mud and tape and our pain that we plan on painting that closet instead of actually having an area where we can hang up clothes and a plan on moving some stuff in there to help like a hour dresser so that it doesn’t have to be in our bedroom so then it makes it bigger in our bedroom as well. I’m super excited to just get this all done and then get to contact the air conditioner repair borger tx so that I can finish all these articles an get paid ’cause I’m going to be needing some extra cash to get these projects done around the house ’cause I’m just at the point where it is not worth it to me to finish any of this but we do plan on having somebody come and taking a look at our windows because a lot of our windows are broken so we have a plan to get new Windows hopefully at least four new Windows so then it makes the house look way nicer but I think we’re gonna just have the same guy who’s gonna come fix up my closet paint the outside of the house or at least scrape it down I don’t mind painting it I just really don’t want to scrape it honestly so that’s my major thing ’cause I don’t wanna have to deal with all this scraping and everything it’s just not worth it to me to spend that much time especially right now it’s super hot so I’m thinking maybe like October is the best time to do it plus it’s been raining here lately and I’d hate to paint and then it rain and then mess up my paint that I spent  a lot of time  Fixing it up and doing. He is actually planning and coming in a couple of hours so I definitely need to bust out some of the air conditioner repair borger tx articles so then I do not have to worry about them while he is here I can be more available to any questions or concerns he may have about the house or anything like that. I know that this house does have lots of word little things about the air conditioner repair borger tx it so he might have quite a bit of questions that I need to be able to answer and I can’t be doing that if I’m on this doing all these articles all the time so I want to make sure to at least get these done especially while my kids are asleep actually have both my little ones asleep right now so it is definitely A plus and will be very helpful to get this done while my kiddos are asleep. The only thing that I am kind of worried about is that it is raining so I don’t know if that is going to affect him at all and I’m not sure what tools he may need or anything like that I know my fiancé has some but I don’t know exactly what you might need to do some of the projects that we’re asking him to do I know that we need to have him put up some sheetrock in this closet that we have and cover up a couple holes that are in the wall and we also need some carpet laid an maybe a bookshelf or two in screwed into the wall so then it is the air conditioner repair borger tx there permanently. I am just super excited to get this done and finally have a closet because that is going to be so nice once we can get that all situated and then I can also get rid of a lot of these clothes that I’m needing gone because I have tons and tons of clothes by fiancé’s always joking about throwing half of my wardrobe away or actually it was funny he made a joke just the other day and he was like I’m just going to throw all your clothes away and I’m going to buy you a T-shirts 8 pants eight socks and eight pairs of shoes and that’s all you get for the rest of your life it just made me laugh he’s got more than eight pairs of everything so I just think it’s funny when he wants to joke about things like that he thinks somehow that he only has like four pairs of shirts but I just bought him a whole pack of two packs of sixes and shirts because he’s starting to gain weight and so in order for his shirts to fit again I had to go up in a large so I bought him two packs of six pairs each and each pack so I know he’s at least got 12 shirts so and that’s all new stuff that’s not even the stuff that he does have plus he’s got so many work shirts it’s insane ’cause he has to wear work shirts and then he’s gotta have long sleeve shirts for work as well so I just think it’s pretty funny. I need to call the air conditioner repair borger tx and see what they say about it.


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