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Not very many people who  have an HVAC system realize that you can troubleshoot  or at least do some things yourself before ever calling an air conditioning amarillotx company in your area. So I was going to hop on here and talk a little bit about troubleshooting tips for homeowners and also when to call an HVAC company to come help you with your problem with your HVAC system. Now one of the first important things you always want to do is have a clean air filter now you’re supposed to be changing this every 90 days and this is very important not many people realize how important a clean air filter is but sometimes if things start getting clogged or just two dirty your furnace and system will just shut off an it all has to do with a clean filter. Also things can start getting really dusty and stop the air flow throughout the home as much as you would like so whenever you are realizing that some rooms are not really getting as much as other rooms or it’s just not cooling off as fast as it used to or heating up as fast as it used to it is probably your air filter like I said it needs to be changed every 90 days every three months so try and stay on that but at least try to get it changed twice a year if you don’t want to do it every three months. Being clogged is a huge issue with HVAC units and it’s very simple to stay on top of so if you don’t wanna have to pay for someone to have to come out an fix a problem that you think is a major I highly suggest you take a look at the air filter before. The air conditioningamarillo tx can take a look at your system and let you know if it is the filter if you just absolutely do not want to call or do it yourself but you would save money on that appointment so it’s best to just check it yourself and see what they can do I think they can change the filter for you but I think you could do it yourself. Another simple thing that some people don’t even realize especially if you’re new to get in an HVAC unit like this is maybe like a new home with one that you’ve never had before sometimes if you just check and make sure it’s on the right setting you’ll realize that sometimes it’s on heat and you want cold so just make sure you always have it on the right setting before calling so then you’re not having to be told it was just on the wrong setting and have to pay for a whole appointment. Now I know this seems like a simple little thing that no one would ever do but we’ve actually had people who have not realized that their heat was on cool and so when they turned it up nothing was turning on and so they just assumed something was wrong an no when you have your AC on 78 nothing’s going turn on but yeah so just make sure you check it before calling the air conditioning amarillo tx to come out and check on your system it could be an easy fix like that that you’d never even think twice about I know I tend to overlook a bunch of things in my home so I know it would be easy for me to even do something like that where you just you just assume things should start working and don’t even look into it as much. Now if you’re setting is on the right thing and it’s still not working then maybe that it’s time to call and air conditioning amarillo tx company to take a look at your system.  One more thing that you should keep cleaned and keep your eye out on is duct and vents. keeping your eye out on that will help whenever it is starting to get clogged because there are lots of things that will stick and build up which can become a huge issue and also I think it’ll even start to kind of make your house smell a little bit and you’ll start realizing that you have more dust and dirt in your home as well you really need to keep an eye on these things if you have animals or anything like that that can produce lots of like dog hair or whatever type of animal hair. That can become a real issue with vents and stuff like that so just make sure you are doing your part by checking these out and keeping stuff clean I usually do this like before each season so then you can really make sure your house is staying clean but I like things to be a specific way so I have a deep cleaning session before each month or each season so then I know that my house isn’t gonna be cluttered and dirty and we have two dogs and a cat so I know about all the shedding of the hair Ann it’s not fun so we make sure to keep our stuff clean and then we don’t have to call an air conditioning amarillo tx company to come out and check on our systems often. If you are looking to get an HVAC system or talk to somebody about some other ways that you can do things by yourself without their help and don’t have a specific company you use there are many options when searching for a company to come out and look at your HVAC unit if you are looking for a suggestion I highly recommend Hall Heating and Air now they’ve been around for 40 years and have been helping people all over the Texas Panhandle so be sure and at least look into them when trying to find The right air conditioning amarillo tx company in your area. you wanna make sure that whatever company you do choose has been around for quite some time so then you can be sure that everything that they do it is correct so I suggest finding a company that at least been around for up to 10 years that’s why I suggest HallHeating and Air because they have been around for a very long time and also have amazing reviews all over the Texas Panhandle.


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