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Hey everybody so I am actually going on a walk with my dogs right now so I am just going to talk to your well I am doing this so I don’t waste anymore time by not doing these articles I really I’m trying to get better walking my dogs because they’re very big and I can’t leave them outside because air conditioning borger tx they like to run away they’re able to just jump our fence because it’s pretty small it’s like a I want to say like maybe like 4 feet and I’ve got really large dogs so they need some type of exercise so might look a little crazy just walking around talking to my phone but I’ve got my headphones in so maybe so I understand maybe people will think that I’m actually working and not just crazy I always do the talk to text so it’s way easier to just talk to you and get these done that away then it is to try and type and use my hands for everything ’cause I’ve got two kids that need a lot of help in they tend to fight so I gotta be pretty hands on with them so it’s a lot easier to just use the talk to text and get stuff done that way. Any good places to walk around where I live I’ve actually gotta load up my kids and my dogs just to go to a trail because where I live the neighborhood’s really not that good that’s why we’re trying to sell our house at the moment in get somewhere in A at least a a better air conditioning borgertx neighborhood and we’re not quite sure if we’re going to be moving yet or not probably not we’ve lived in pampa for pretty much our whole life so I’m sure we’ll be here for quite a while specially while we plan our wedding and all that. I’ve been trying to get in a routine of not only walking my dogs but also getting a workout in so I can lose the extra weight I got I hate gaining weight but your body tends to do it well really easily after you have kids ’cause your metabolism works pretty slow and that is definitely what mine does. I think if I just keep walking the dogs and do a workout twice a day then I should lose weight fairly easily especially like I’m only wanting to lose like 15 pounds so maybe I can end up losing that and like two months that way I can start fill in remove air conditioning borgertx little better about myself and I’m going to get a whole new wardrobe to keep me motivated once I lose the weight so then I don’t wanna let myself gain any weight and not be able to wear the cute clothes I feel like so we have a bunch of extra clothes that are larger for us that’s easy to just put those on and not feel so bad about us gaining weight but whenever that’s your only closed aware might be a little different so that’s why I’m gonna try to do hopefully I can get this lost quickly I just get so ahead of myself expecting me to lose like I wish I could lose like 30 pounds in one day but I gotta remember that it’s not really a good thing to do so I gotta really stay focused put in the hard work so then I can get the benefits out of it. I forgot how much I’ve got to do today have already got my bills paid for today and I need to bust out five of these articles that I’ve got left so then I can get at least ten of them done today and then I’m walking the dog now  I need to go first I need to figure out what time it is so then I can give myself like 30 minutes before I need to go grab my check from the air conditioning borger tx I know it’s almost time for me to do that so I gotta get that done I’ve already got my workout done for today but I do gotta go help my mom with all that so a better schedule planned out so i can get all that done on schedule and figure Out how I am going to go do all that and leave myself bout 10 minutes to spare so I’m trying to get all this done so bear with me. and then I gotta go help my mom she’s been needing some stuff done like air conditioning borger tx then she needs a lot of help so gotta figure out windows go over there and help her.  She has been getting a bunch of new furniture and appliances brought to her house and getting her house remodeled so we’ve been really trying to help her crush she’s a little older and needs a bunch of help with all that stuff she’s going through a lot so we gotta be there for and help her so I wanted to be there for whenever she gets all this stuff done so I need to make sure I don’t need to be there soon. i probably need to start walking back to the car ’cause i’ve got my Dogs and kids and I need to drop my dogs off before I head over to my mom’s because she doesn’t like my bigger dogs she’s a very small dog kind of person. Well I think I am about to have to drop off my dogs because I’ve gotta go get my check I didn’t even realize what time it was but I gotta go get my check from the air conditioning borger tx company that I do these articles for. I’m going to have to cut this article short and start going and doing the rest of my errands for the day I hope y’all have a blessed day.


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