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Well I figured I better get another article out of the way I just got my little list one to sleep and got all my errands done for the day so right now would be the perfect time to get that done and I can make dinner while I do this as well ’cause it’s super easy to do that so I can get two things knocked out at once. I’ve been able to get a bunch of these articles done ’cause my fiancé has been out of town for work the last two days so I’m able to do all this after 6:00 o’clock because he’s not home and I don’t feel bad for not spending family time so I am going to be trying to knockout a bunch of these probably the rest of the months worth and about a couple days so I’ve gotta really buckle down and get these done Anne I will be doing air conditioning borger tx and this one so just look out for that word or sentence. Her nails there’s your food YouTube you’re welcome take it in the living room sorry I had to get my kids some food hey be careful hold on to it tight your plate. Can I please have Sonic on the TV? OK I’ll get on Sonic on the TV. sorry it’s hard to go back and forth through articles of air conditioning borger tx and conversations with him I have to help my kids out so I’ve got a To get a couple of these Done with a couple of conversations with my kids. He has been obsessed with the movie Sonic ever since we saw at the movie theaters and my fiancé actually 3D printed him something like a little stick figure Sonic thing and it looks really cool I never realized how cold 3D printers was until he got one and I can make pretty much anything you want is definitely worth its purchase. Anyway like I was saying I am definitely on a time limit each month to bust these out so that’s why I end up just talking y’all about ac conditioning borgertx well I’m eating or walking the dog or anything like that it’s been easy to just do this talk to text that I have and get this article air conditioning borger tx all done Tonight I am eating a salad from the Texas rose it’s actually really good so first time I’ve ever had a Cobb salad from there I used to get the chef ones but I don’t think they have those anymore so now I get the Cobb salad an the only thing I don’t like on it is the blue cheese I’m not a fan of the blue cheese I definitely could’ve gone with some other cheese on that but Oh well everything else is great I probably should have scraped it off or something. It’s so funny when I do this talk to text stuff and I’m out in public and I’m just talking to my phone people look at me like I’m absolutely crazy if only they knew it was for work this actually is came in handy so much I now use it to do articles for the magazine that I write for as well. If y’all are looking for a air conditioning borger tx be sure and check out Hall Heating andAir they do some amazing work they’ve been helping out a couple of my friends and they’re very impressed with their system now. We went over there the hang out and it was so cold I was like oh man you must have got your AC working again ’cause I had to put on a jacket and I was still shivering and they went ahead and got on a routine maintenance so they can make sure their system runs for longer. I think I might have to call them and get an estimate on a new system ’cause we definitely need one. There are lots of houses going up for sale them so we’re looking into buying a house we actually couldn’t do it because COVID stop this right in the middle of buying the house it was a super nice house I’m so sad we couldn’t get it but it’s for the best ’cause my fiancé was one of the people that got let go for a couple of months while all the COVID shutdown happen so we struggled there for a little bit but now he’s back to work and now we’re trying to get back on the groove of buying a new house and getting this house done so we can  sell this house and try to use some of the money to pay off on another house. We actually got lucky an were able to do a rent to own ’cause we’re really young and our credit’s not that great so while we’re doing this written to own or trying to build up our credit a little bit The way the whole buying a house system works is kind of weird And the way the credit thing works is crazy as well I had such good credit and then I closed an account ’cause I paid it off and my credit score went down 40 points 40 points I was at 720 and now I’m back in the six hundreds it’s so frustrating how they make you keep an account open like air conditioning borger tx I should get more points for closing off an account because that shows I paid something off not the time I shouldn’t get a bigger score because I’m in debt like that makes no sense to me But I am just ready to get out of this house am get a new one we are actually very young people to be already trying to buy a house so I’m really proud of my fiancé firm working so hard for us Sam providing such a Great life for us. Well I just finished my salad so I’m going to end this article and start getting ready for bed I hope you all had a great day today and don’t forget about the air conditioning borger tx


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