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Recently we just got our energy bill from excel and it was about $300 an we were not prepared for it to be that high normally you know it’s like anywhere from 100 and 150 but so today I am going to be going over a couple tips to lower energy bills during this summer and all this heat. I know that I had already went and looked up a bunch of tips just for our household and then I thought well you know a lot of people would probably benefit from these knowing just a couple of these would do amazing things and I even learned some things that you wouldn’t ever suspect that would save you so much money even with talking to an air conditioning company amarillo tx about what you can do. One of the things that shocked me was of course you know turn off your air conditioner when you are not needing it so like one thing that I was reading was at night time if it’s kind of breezy outside open up a window if you have a screen and it still has that airflow that you’re in need of and your are not burning up at night as well but when it gets cooler in the evenings just open up that window and it’ll let all that air flow through which will help tremendously as as much as a ceiling fan can do as well for you it’s insane some of the little things that you don’t even imagine doing could save you so much money. Another thing that I had read was if you leave the house set it to 75 to 78 and that will save you so much money whenever I did more research into it it said that every degree the thermostat is raised 4 to 8% can be saved on cooling costs for your next energy bill and I thought that was in saying that I have never heard of that before. But one degree could save you so much money I normally keep mine on 68 so from 75 I would be saving quite a bit and I had no idea and I know my fiancee he likes to put it on 65 but I know when I tell him about every degree saving you money he’s going to want to be able to put it up a little higher because he always gets mad whenever I turn it to 7 or 68 when we leave the house but now it’s going to be set to 75 because we’re not even home and it doesn’t take very long for the air conditioning company amarillo txcool off the house. One thing that I learned from an HVAC  technician was when you clean your air conditioner vents and units it actually can save you money in the long run because you are not having all that built in dirt and dust and everything affect how much air is being produced and so overtime when all that builds up you’re not getting as much air it’s not pulling off your house as fast and you’re gonna be lowering the temperature thinking that it’s just that but it is best to talk with the air conditioning company amarillo tx in your area and they can give you lots of tips on keeping the vents clean and everything like that and I’m pretty sure they can point you in the right direction to get him all cleaned out. Another thing that we are trying right now is we got blackout curtains and we also have blinds so it has been working tremendously it has been keeping the sun out and then we also whenever we’re watching a movie we really appreciate the blackout curtains because then you don’t have any light coming through it’s real dark it’s kind of like a movie theater feel and I’ve really enjoyed those but they have helped so much and the ones that we bought they even said that it was energy saver and I thought that was awesome because a lot of people don’t even realize that their curtains can do amazing things and they don’t have to just be black there’s other colors they’re just more thick so then it blocks the sun from going through and heating up the house quickly we’ve always had blinds we are very private people we don’t like for people to be able to see through our windows and all that so we have blinds and we have curtains and I didn’t realize how much that actually helped on energy cost but whenever I was looking things up but it said that the air conditioning company amarillo txthat one that was one of the big things that you should have along with turning on ceiling fans which I normally try to ’cause it does keep the airflow in the house. Even if you’re just using AC units in your window having the fan on helps tremendously because AC units only cool so much off like square foot and so when you have the ceiling fans going it really circulates that air and pushes it throughout the house which is very needed if you just have like one to two ceiling fans or air condition units. I highly suggest an HVAC system because there really not too much Anne they can call off your house or heat up your house quickly way more than a air conditioning unit in the window can I know whenever we used one it took at least like 30 minutes to actually start cooling off the house and he used to drive me crazy ’cause we would just leave him running an then it would cost so much each month because we had one in our bedroom that we would want on and then one in the living room and then we still wouldn’t really get too much cool air in our kitchen and we didn’t have screens on the windows so we never really wanted to open up the windows ’cause the flies are super bad in the summer.if you would want to reach out to an air conditioning company amarillo tx in your area I really would I ended up reaching out to HallHeating and Air and they gave me a lot of tips on my HVAC system and it ended up really helping our family save quite a bit of money and we learned quite a bit of new things that we wouldn’t have found online. They can also give you an estimate on how much a HVAC system is if you are looking to get one put in your home if you don’t have one already an they also have payment plans so if you’re interested in getting one but can’t pay right now you can ask them more about that and see if they would be the right air conditioning company amarillo tx to get your job done for your home


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