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Hey everybody so I am actually organizing my kitchen with the  air conditioning company borgertx and the help of my mom I am trying to get everything organized so I’m actually deep cleaning my freezer and fridge and getting everything out that is not needed and then trying to lay new flooring so that’s going to be a new project for me I have not play this particular flooring before but if I can do all the others I’m sure I can do this one just the same it’s just going to be something new that won’t be new for very long so I’m pretty excited about getting to learn a little bit about this flooring and do this and make sure that I am able to stick through and get this knocked out as soon as possible because I’ve got a lot more projects I would like to get done especially today I want to get some painting done I’m painting all our trim black all our walls are white so I want to get that all fixed up and everything and make sure that it all looks nice because we do plan on selling soon and just needing to do a couple of grades on the House so we will actually be working on this probably all weekend long to accomplish our goals an I feel like afterwards we should be pretty good to have somebody come give us a estimate on what we would be able to sell this house with so that way we have an idea of what we can sell it for and what we’ll get for it and then start looking at houses around that same price range we only plan on going up two air conditioning company borgertx about 30,000 more than what we get for this house so that is our budget and I’m super excited too get that all worked out and get moved into our brand new home we’ve been looking at a couple and i really want to make the best decision so we’ve been taking our time and this working around and Making sure that whatever help we do choose will be our home for a very long time so we want to make sure everything is perfect the way we like and are not in too big of a rush because we don’t wanna are not in too big of a rush because we don’t want to to get too ahead of our self and make the wrong decision in a home because choosing a house is very important. I’m just so thankful that we are even able to eat starting this process because we are actually very young and a lot of young people don’t get the opportunity to get to start doing that already we do and very thankful for that I think that this is an amazing opportunity for us as a family and can’t wait to actually pick out what home we want man I didn’t realize how many veggie meals sweet house I always get veggie meat because our kids are not big on eating their vegetables and so I compromise because they love corn dogs and stuff like that so I go can I get the morning star farms veggie corn dogs and air conditioning company borger tx I get the morning star patties for breakfast and that way I can get them to eat a little bit of veggies so then that makes me feel a little better about them not eating so much at least I know that they’re getting their veggies and they have a bunch of other different stuff like they’ve got like wings and stuff like that but it’s not actual wings it’s I’m not sure exactly what it is but it’s all natural stuff so that’s what I really like about them is it’s natural and I can feel comfortable giving it to my children ’cause that’s what’s most important is that I don’t feel like I’m giving them a bunch of crap that I don’t even know or how to say for that matter ’cause there is so much weird stuff in our food nowadays that kinda gets a little scary thinking about what all you give your children now so I try to make sure and provide them with good pull some food that the air conditioning company borgertx would approve of We’re actually about to all start going on a diet well me and my husband sorry not my kids of course not my kids eat more if anything but me and my husband plan on going on a diet and trying to stick with it’s not really a diet I guess just like a healthy lifestyle just eating better and taking care of our self my mom recently found out she’s gonna have heart surgery it’s gonna be a very difficult long road for us but I’m hoping that she pulls through and they can clean out all of her valves Ann just take good care of her so she can live longer and also be healthy. I need to try and help her understand that eating healthy would do a lot of good because she still is eating out and things like that she really shouldn’t so I want to show her that other options out there then just fast food and things lTo actually do a bunch of laundry today so I need to remember that whenever I am getting stuff done on the list today after I’m done organizing for the air conditioning company borgertx and get all of that finished I’m probably going to be doing a bunch of different stuff today and probably surprised my fiancee he left with the house looking one way an I’m going to try and get a lot of tasks done like put new flooring in maybe paint I’m gonna try to get a bunch of stuff done so then when he comes home it’s kind of in shock of all what I’ve done But I hope you all have a great day today and just Remember to keep an eye out for my next article about the air conditioning company borgertx


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