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Have you been trying to get stuff done around the house like air conditioning company borgertx or maybe just decluttering or renovating or things like that? If so I am in the same boat I have about a week to try and get this house looking 10 times better than it does right now and so I am going nuts trying to get this all cleaned all organized and a good way that looks homey and that way whenever I show it to the appraiser I can get the most out of it instead of keeping it how it is and just getting the bare minimum but we were going through so many issues all at once our washer broke R freezer actually I guess leaked it had to be either our freezer or the AC unit in the window but it leaked and so now our flooring is almost up and we’re in the middle of renovating our closet so I don’t have room I put all our clothes yet until we get that done the only room that’s pretty much done in our house is like the boys room my kiddos and maybe the living room because there’s still stuff I want to get done in the kitchen and see what all is worth it and what is not. That’s why I need to talk to an air conditioning company borgertx because we’ve been thinking about putting in an HVAC unit as well but we’re not sure if that’s really going to add so much of the value or if it would just peak certain people’s interest ’cause in this neighborhood there’s not very many people that have like HVAC systems or anything like that so I’m thinking that even if we left it the way it is right now without an HVAC system would be fine and cell just fine ’cause I don’t I don’t know if there’s any houses on our street that has HVAC units in their home other than like 1 so there’s really no telling but I am just starting to throw things away at this point ’cause I wanna get the air conditioning company borger tx everything cleared out and clean and organized in a way that I’m happy about ’cause right now it’s just very cluttered there’s not very many options to do with this home so I definitely want to get this a name or sophisticated look more than just a complete mess ’cause that’s what it looks like to me at least but it doesn’t help that you know we’ve got all our stuff here and it’s just in the middle of renovations it’s like you can’t do anything like OK if we’re renovating our closet we can’t hang up our clothes ’cause we don’t have any rods in or any storage or anything like that and then if we’re renovating our kitchen ’cause we need new flooring we can’t put certain things in certain places because like I said there’s leaks in the window well it’s not the window it’s the the AC unit that in the window for some reason when it does it shut off ’cause one thing that I learned with the air conditioning company borgertx is that it goes through a cycle so whenever it’s reached its desired temperature it’ll just shut off and then start back whenever it gets a little ways away from that certain temperature . It’s so crazy ’cause like the way my house is right now it’s so cluttered like we’ve got our tools in one of our kitchen cabinets because there’s no extra storage at all like the little bitty cabinet space that we have in the kitchen like for extra stuff I put all our chemicals in there ’cause I don’t like chemicals near food or plates or anything like that but we have tons of cabinets but like they’re so tall and I’m so short and I can’t reach him so I can put anything that I actually need up top or else I’m going to have to like climb the counter each time or I guess I could use my kids step stool but if I’m like trying to hurry and stuff I don’t want to have to use the step stool every time it’s just a little frustrating but maybe it would be best It’s crazy the difference in a house just by organizing like my house is starting to look less crazy and clustered but I’ve also just been throwing things away like things we really don’t need that we were just holding on to because we’re holding on to it I’m just on it I don’t care if we need it we can get it again it’s nothing like major that I’m throwing away just gummies that nobody have eaten an forever or pills like finna Greek that I took whenever I was breastfeeding and air conditioning company borger txthings like that just not needed I need to it’s crazy you I learned that doing tattoos if you use germ x that it will help be able to place the ink correctly or you need it and I have so much germ X because I was selling this makeup with a certain company and they would send us A container of spray  each time we made an order so I have tons and tons of that germ x so it came in handy now now that I know what all I can use for it Now that I’m getting all this space I’m so excited for what the house is going to looks like it’s starting to come along nicely now I’m getting everything moved and organized and place where I would like. I have I didn’t even realize I had so many noodles to make stuff with like spaghetti and all of that like if I knew I’d be making spaghetti way more often if I know I had 6 boxes of spaghetti noodles and like three cans of spaghetti sauce but now that I know I have all this stuff I can go and make a bunch of spaghetti 10 sure I’ve got elbow noodles I make macaroni for the kiddos and the air conditioning company borger txas well.


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