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Oh man I’ve almost got to take out my trash again today I have taken this thing out six times six times today it’s absolutely insane it is crazy but I am organizing a bunch of stuff and getting rid of I mean a bunch of stuff like I just went through my freezer I just went through all my tab Nets I’m making sure that we have nothing that we don’t need because I am tired of everything being so cluttered all the time and just not able to function as well as I would like with it like this so i am making sure to get everythingwith the air conditioning company borgertx I’m so excited to see what this kitchen is going to look like after I clean it all up and also I’m going to get new flooring today and I’m going to be replacing the floor so we will see how well that looks in here as well I’m super excited for that so I want to make sure to have everything clean and ready and then when I put the new floor in the kitchen will pretty much be done and the way that I would like it to be at least has there is lots of things that still need to be done like I need to finish painting and all that but I don’t want to paint well I’ve got all this stuff on the counters right now because it is a total mess I’ve got like 20 boxes of tease out right now ’cause I can’t find a Dang container to put all my keys in I don’t understand what I did with all my containers like I used to have so many like little baskets that are cute and would look good in my kitchen and right now I cannot find a single basket and it’s driving me crazy ’cause it would help me so much right now to get that and have all the T put away so that the air conditioning company borgertx and countertop would not look so cluttered with my cabinets I think I might just take something out of I might just use the one that I use as a junk container and put all my teas in there I think it’ll look cute I don’t know but I’ll try and see if that works yeah but so many boxes of tea and we don’t even drink too that often it’s crazy thing clip it wouldn’t be such borders of tea but we are not sure why but we are shoot this is going to be too much tea this is like massive amounts of tea bags I’m literally going to have to stack them up because there’s so much crazy yeah I’m probably going to have end a whole other basket for this is already full that is insane help that I’m still in am everywhere too yeah I’m just going to have to this is true we should be good pick up all these ones on the ground and put him about them at all look a little better trouble man make him fit everywhere at least they’re all different colors so I know which leaders which by the color ’cause yeah well I’ve got like 10 different flavors  Of air conditioning company borger tx some not even kidding and then I’ve got a whole tax that’s not even open so I’ll just leave that closed leave that the way it is so then I can just place this up on my spice cabinet and that way I can have everything looking more organized on my spice cabinet as well Oh no I think I found more boxes of tea oh please tell me there empty I’ve got a whole box still well let’s see if I could make it fit this is too much tea I don’t understand about it like it will waste T OK now I want a full box there is like 10 in there so I can make those fit well I made those fit and now that looks all cute so now I need to figure out what all I’m keeping like my hot chocolate mix and stuff like that want to make sure that I have everything being put away or at least an idea of where everything is going to go ’cause I really don’t like it being so cluttered in the house and since I’m already in the groove of getting everything clean I want to just get everything done like legit everything I tend to do this and then I don’t want to clean for the next four days of my life which definitely difficult with the air conditioning companyborgertx  I have water everywhere I guess that soaked into the floor  In my kitchen on one side since this house used to be a duplex so now the floor is ruined that we just laid like I don’t know like a year or two ago I’m not really sure but since I just now found out I clearlyI never even realized my air conditioning company borger tx unit was dripping or leaking and so now my floor over there is all messed up so I think we’re going to just replace our floor and see for all we can do with that make that was nice again because what we’ve got going on right now is just not working for us it looks very tacky so I want to get this all situated move stuff around we actually prefer it to look and then I don’t better deal with all the stress that comes with clutter and clean all the time like I’ve got yogurts are not yogurt jello from so long ago that I forgot we even got like this is insane I should not have all this stuff but Oh well. I need to go get my check today as well if I’m going to be Oh no I stepped on one of the kids toys and broke it there we go I fixed but I need to go get my check so I can pay for the new flooring by the air conditioning company borger tx That way I can at least get part of the kitchen done and have it all looking nice and organized so that when my fiancé gets home he’ll be shocked ’cause he left and it looked a mess this morning so it’ll be a nice little surprise for him when he gets home.


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