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Well I ended up going and getting my kids a bunch of toys so it would be easier to do this article about the air conditioning company borgertx because they’re super hyper right now and definitely needed something to get their energy get their energy out a little bit so I ended up getting some nerve guns for my oldest son and my youngest son he wanted to get some farm animals and a little farm set so we ended up getting that for him so they’re having a blast in there now Anne I was debating whether or not to get a new bedroom set for my son. He’s got Spiderman blankets and sheets and pillows and stuff like that and so there was a massive Spiderman picture that would have fit his room and I thought it would be really cute in there but I don’t want to spend too much money ’cause I still need to get a couple things for the house and do all that so I need to be careful on how much I actually do spend so then I’m not blowing all my money before I’ve even gotten anything to start fixing up the house and organizing it a little bit more. It’s so funny my oldest he came in he was like Mama my room it’s so messy and I was like OK I will go clean it but he was like but Mama it’s so messy I can’t walk in there and I was like it is able to be walked through I was like go clean your room he’s like but momma all my toys there are my floor and so I went in there and I kicked a little pass just to show him that he had enough room to go take all his toys To his Toy box  to get his room clean and he’s like OK fine fine I’ll clean my room he’s just so adorable cracks me up but I need to go ahead and put a movie on for the air conditioning company borger tx and do all that so then I can make sure that the boys are really occupied before I do some of my next projects I have planned I’m gonna be doing a bunch of different stuff today Such as painting getting new flooring in I’m going to be organizing a lot of stuff as well and I’m not even sure what else I’m going to be doing I know I’m going to be going to the trash a lot ’cause I’m getting rid of so much stuff it’s insane I’ve already gone to the trash like 7 times today so I’ll just be making more trips ’cause I haven’t even got the floor done so I’ll be talking a lot to y’all on these articles ’cause I don’t have to be doing anything else so I’ll have lots of articles posted today so we can get all these air conditioning company borgertx sentence is knocked out. Quote my laundry I need to get a bunch of my fiancé’s clothes washed because he’s gotta go out of town for work for a whole week To do some training and some installs for his Internet job. While we were getting toys I went and looked at all the flooring that’s available at one of the stores to get some new kitchen flooring in my next article I’ll be probably laying it so I’ll be talking a bunch about that but the air conditioning company borger tx oh is going to be coming and taking a look and helping me with my fiancé to see what would best look with my kitchen so I’m not quite sure what would be best so I was going to get their opinion on it and see what they thought so we’ll see what I end up using ’cause I’m really not sure yet there’s many different options that they had so not really sure what would be best ’cause I didn’t want to go black because there’s black marble but my cabinets are black so I didn’t want that so I’m thinking maybe white marble or something around those lines so then kind of makes the house still look bright an open. I for sure know that I need to sand down the flooring probably after I take all this old stuff up because it has been here awhile so I’m sure I need to freshen up the floor and make sure it’s all even and perfect before I lay this new flooring down so then really nice and looks like given tacky or built or put in wrong I like to do everything the right way so then you don’t gonna do it a bunch of times if you do the right way then you don’t gotta keep doing it so I’d rather just take a little bit out of my day and sand down the floor before and I know some spots are probably going to need it more than others. And still look clean and in style too dark and then look at the house. I need to call the air conditioning company borger tx ’cause it is getting so hot in my house and I don’t know what is going on it’s just driving me nuts ‘cause In the middle of summer and I’m trying to get a bunch of products done and projects and the fact that it’s happened hot in my house makes it that much harder to get everything done like all the product for projects I want to get done are like house projects where I gotta really stop And take a break and cool off that’s really not ideal we doing every hour and a half I’d like to just be able to get at one time it was cool in the house but I need to have them the  air conditioning company borger tx come take a look at our house and see how much it be for a system put in ’cause these window units are definitely not working And having fans running all day is just getting too expensive Especially when I’m gonna be picking up all this flooring ’cause that’s going to be a pain


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