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Hey everybody so I am actually redoing my floor right now so I’m going to talk and get this air conditioning company borger TX article out of the way because it is Friday and that is when all my articles are due so I need to get these done but I’m also wanting to get my flooring done as quick as possible so I am going to do both which will be fine since I use the talk to text I am picking up all art wooden vinyl flooring or whatever and we’re actually going to be putting tile down because it’s just becoming too much of a hassle to have this and we just figured it be easier The kind that I ended up getting the tile I got is a white Color with Gray it almost looks a little bit like our countertop sticker that we have on top of there to make it look like it’s marble We have the same type of tile in our bathroom but it’s a black marble that you can tell I like normal I actually found the YouTube video set up show you how to paint your countertop so it’ll look marbles and I’ve been interested in doing it but I’m scared and I don’t want to ruin my countertop so well it be there I also after I did this I gotta finish painting our cabinets or cabinets or black I think the white and the cabinets pop a lot I’m almost to the process where I’m about to start standing with the air conditioning company borger tx so I can flatten out this flooring and make sure that the tile will be late perfectly don’t want to cut any corners or try to be quick about it and then did not look perfect and then waste the stuff I’ve gotten so I’d rather just take my time and do it the right way I’m glad houses so it’s kind of been fun to pick up this flooring and redo the flooring and all that so then I can see the finished result of our kitchen I am definitely tired of looking at our kitchen because it’s just a mess and the flooring was all messed up and this wasn’t a pleasing to me and I know if we do end up selling one day we need to have this fixed anyway so might as well do it now so then we can enjoy it too Some happiness pull up the old tile that was underneath so that is being a pain  right now but at least I know tile really sticks well stuck around very well The one thing that I do hate about filling up flooring with the air conditioning company borger TX is that your feet gets so sticky like your shoes so anytime you walk anywhere it just becomes more sticky throughout the house it’s kind of frustrating but at least it’ll look nice I just gotta keep telling myself that but I am starting to get so frustrated pod camp move up a floor I do not like being sticky or stuffed or anything like that so this is not fun for me on the stickiness part I’m debating whether or not to paint I think I might paint honestly I think I’m just going to go ahead and do it I think it’ll look super cute so I might as well I’m just so glad I still have a bunch of rollers and paint brushes I kind of be screwed at the moment ’cause I’d have to be dealing with having to go back to the store to go get all this stuff but I really wouldn’t want to go back for it but I’ve got everything I need so I’m super excited to get this done and it was flooring done I think it will look really nice and can if I can find my grey paint I’ve got a whole can of grey paints this works perfectly. My entire house is white so I think it’ll look good at I have a couple rooms grey liven it up and make it  Air conditioning company borgertx colorful and something fun to play with I’m super excited to see what this is going to look like on my wall I need to move all the stuff on my countertop so then I can actually get to it relative I’ve got so much stuff it’s insane but I think it will look nice at least I hope they do open this I think I’m just going to paint this one little spot on my like it’s like a backsplash but since I have two counters since this was a duplex and choose separate sections I’m just going to do the back of this so it looks like the back splash on last and then see if I like the color and how all it looks together so then I can make a decision if I want the whole wall I don’t want to go ahead and just start painting the wall and then be like oh man I should’ve left a white that’ll be a difficult switch to change from grave back to white so I want to make sure that Iair conditioning company borger tx at least like this I think I will I don’t know why grey and black and white all seem to go together I should have probably cleaned off the countertop before I did all this Oh well I tend to do this a lot I just work around the mess would be weird if I did it any other way. Trying to see if this will cover up any cracks or anything ’cause there is lots of weird little cracks like this I’m kind of confused on why this house has a lot lots of weird little cracks like this ’cause like we wouldn’t check the foundation in the foundation is fine so we’re not quite sure what is possibly causing those don’t know if maybe they like ever they redid this house and made up into one that they just did it the cheap way and I don’t know definitely has a lot of imperfections that we would like to get fixed a little bit with the air conditioning company borger tx .


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