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Hey everybody so I am so excited yesterday I ate really really clean like really clean and I mean like chick in breast and the only thing that was really bad about it was that I put a little bit of melted cheese like I got velveeta and put that in a bag with some jalapeñodozenjalapeños and then I would pour air conditioning pampa tx that on top of my chicken and then you know of course I’d eat veggies or something like that and I lost weight guys. I am so excited I need to start losing weight again and doing what’s necessary to actually get in shape and honestly this would save us money as well because we do spend quite a bit of money on junk food if we were to just eat healthy at not buy chips and stuff like that we would probably save quite a bit of money so I’m super excited for this Ann I cannot wait until I can at least get out of the one 20s. I know 120 doesn’t sound like much to some people they might think Oh well you’re skinny you’re fine well I’m just really short I’m 5 foot exactly so the weight that I would prefer to be out would be like 115 I am 129.4 this morning so I’m already seeing progress from just eating clean yesterday I was 130.8 yesterday so I did lose a little bit and I just want to tell you all that be grateful for the little things like just because you don’t see a whole pound gone in one day does not mean that you’re not making progress like you can lose .5 and then you can gain some and muscle and air conditioning pampa txif you’re working out like or it’s water weight or things like that like don’t just get discouraged just because you don’t see a whole pound gone in one day it’s not I think usually you can lose like 2 pounds a week and that’s the healthy range £2.00 that’s it in one week so don’t discourage yourself because you don’t see a whole pound in one day if you can see progress see it where you can like and also jump off the scale every now and then an look in the mirror because one pound of weight a fat is massive I want you to take some time from this article and go look up 1 pound of fat and see what that looks like so then when you do lose 1 pound you will be able to look forward to air conditioning pampa tx that instead of like Oh yeah it’s just one pound one pound is a lot and it’s got a lot of benefits when you lose just one pound so be grateful for what you do lose and the progress you are making even if you slip up and add something that you know you wouldn’t want to add to your diet which I don’t I try not to call it a diet because it just sounds so I don’t know not so fun but what I like to call it is just healthy eating like in the morning have a shake it gives you energy you can replace your bad coffee like if you put lots of Creamer and sugar in your coffee have a morning fruit shake like a smoothie I start doing that and I mean I had so much energy throughout the day and it also boost my I want to call my happy levels I guess I don’t know the scientific thing for it but I was not getting depressed it’s really easy for me to get depressed after air conditioning pampa tx having kids I don’t know if my hormones are just out of wack and I can’t get him on like in control ’cause my youngest is 2 years old already and I still I’ll randomly just get depressed and I’m like OK think about it you don’t have anything to be depressed about you are a stay at home mom you’re always with your kids you work from home you make money like you’re fine and so I have to talk myself out of these little ruts that I get myself in but whenever I was doing the fruit smoothies every morning I wasn’t getting like that I was energized I was happy and I was also realizing I was super healthy that is how I lost all my baby weight the first time and I mean literally fruit smoothies for breakfast chicken for lunch chicken for dinner like and I know that sounds like a lot of chicken but you can mix it up mix up how your chicken is do chicken and rice one time do chicken with air conditioning pampa tx cheese and jalapeños the next or do a chicken sandwich with healthy bread always make sure to have wheat and when you have rice do brown rice I mean you can find ways to mix chicken up like I understand that chick in isn’t like the most fun thing all the time like sometimes we want our red meat but read me is really bad when it comes to weight loss so you wanna make sure that you are at least getting in your chicken and fish and things like that Turkey is another good one if you are a big bacon fan substitute that for Turkey bacon because I honestly like Turkey bacon more than I liked regular bacon I felt more energized afterwards and that’s the thing when you start filling your body energized and just happier an ready to go an you start seeing progress it just makes that routine way easier of eating clean like what we did was empty out our whole House of bad food so it’s not even a possibility to slip up and then we filled it with air conditioning pampa tx everything but the healthy version so bacon we did Turkey bacon burgers Turkey burgers or 97% fat free burgers any morning breakfast food we start getting a bunch of fruit Kiwi bananas strawberries blackberries blueberries all of that and we make a shake with


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