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So I’ve really been struggling with my self-confidence lately just after having kids definitely makes it harder 2 I don’t want to love yourself or anything like that but like I know whenever I gained weight especially with my firstair conditioning pampa tx one I struggled afterwards to not only like appreciate what my body did I was really hard on myself because I let myself gain so much weight even though I did have preeclampsia and all that with my first son but it was ’cause I went from 100 pounds legitimately 100 pounds maybe like 101 tops to 189 pounds and so whenever I saw my body do that I was like in shock I even had a mental breakdown and had a panic attack whenever I walked to the bathroom ’cause the thing was as I never looked at my body like I didn’t have a big enough mirror to realize how big I was or anything like that everything I saw was shoulders up and so I didn’t really see what all I looked like well after having my C-section and everything which it also could have been me having a C-section and seeing the air conditioning pampa tx scar well not this car but the incision where they cut ’cause this was the day after I had my surgery that I had to go take a shower and this hospital had a massive mirror I mean massive all the way down so I saw every inch of my body and I started filling Uzi and everything start getting splotchy and I didn’t know what was happening I got hot sweats and then he air conditioning pampa tx they told me that I was having a panic attack and to wait to take a shower focus and then they went and covered up the mirror for me because they think that’s what it was they thought that since I was so tiny to begin with and then seeing my body full on like straight top to bottom and also seen the incision ’cause I’ve never been to the hospital I’ve never had stitches I’ve never had to have a surgery like that was the first time I had ever had anything done so it was very traumatic for me I guess and so when they covered up the mirror and everything I just had to get in the shower do as much as I could and then go lay back down because I was so overwhelmed by everything hitting me all at once like I knew I just had a beautiful baby an I was so happy but that feeling was just so overwhelming like I could not contain myself and I felt so guilty afterwards because I was traumatized by what my body looked like and I’m not just enjoying the fact I just had a baby like I mean of course I was happy and enjoying it it was just in that moment it freaked me out so then I felt guilty an it just was a huge mess I was not happy with what I looked like but that’s why whenever we got home I just never looked in the mirror I just focused on the air conditioning pampa tx and losing weight I was like OK I’m going to eat healthy and I’m going to take care of my baby so I focused on those two things and I started watching my weight drop like crazy because with preeclampsia you pretty much retain a bunch of water so when your body is retaining that much water it makes you swollen and so that is why I looked so big was because my legs and feet and arms and face was all swollen from retaining water and Just made me look massive. But after a little bit of time my body started to lose that water and I started watching my weight just dropped tremendously and then I think I hit my plateau about 1:30 which is what I’m at right now so I think from 1:20 to 1:30 is my hardest time I don’t know what it is I don’t know if it’s because it’s my middle man like I look decent I don’t look bad so i think my brain just like allows me to cave in more like if i was 150 i would be so set on my eating healthy but whenever it’s like 1:30 and i start looking good i’m like oh hey you know it’s OK if i eat a cheeseBurger or something like he air conditioning pampa tx that and so it’s like I start to fluctuate again and so I think I need to just get in my head and keep telling myself that when you hit the one 30s that is the most important time to stay on your diet like whenever I hit my actual weight that I want to get to then you can eat a freaking cheeseburger but stay on your Dang healthy eating until you reach that point because I always get to like 130 and then I start to fluctuate in weight again and it drives me nuts ’cause literally I kid you not last week last week I was 123 I am now 129 so it’s very frustrating for me ’cause I’m like why can’t you just get out of the one 20s and stay there. So for anyone trying to lose weight who gets stuck at a certain point I highly recommend whenever you get close to that spot that’s when it’s time to kick into gear even more like really focus on drinking your water and all of that ’cause I know that it happens to a lot of people when you reach a certain thing it’s hard to keep losing weight as easy and stuff like that so I recommend that that’s the time that you really kick it into gear like start working out a little bit more maybe add like a couple more workouts in whatever you think would be necessary to help you lose that weight but just get out of it so then you are not stuck with the air conditioning pampa tx there like I am right now for i don’t know i’ve been stuck in the one 20s in the one 30s for like 4 months period


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