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While my kiddos are outside playing with chalk and roll it all over the driveway I figured I would bust out one of these air conditioning pampa tx articles so then I am closer to getting every one of them done for the month. It’s so cute watching the kids draw all over the driveway just like having your own little artist and then when it rains and everything you just start fresh and get to do it all over again and it rained the other day so we figured we might as well finish and decorate the driveway again so then it looks all cute and it’s also a fun activity to do for them. I’m going to have to go grab my coffee real quick all were outside. We also went to thestore named ollie’s and we got this guru X shot 250 times balloons rapid filled pumper Anne it was a really fun activity for us all to do an what it is it comes with 250 small balloons and it comes with this little container that you can fill with water and then it fills your balloons up with water and your kids can have an easy balloon fight Without having to fill up each balloon each time for them they’re able to do this on their own it’s super easy it’s just a little push down pump and you just sit the balloon opener on this little thingwith air conditioning pampa tx With a nozzle on it. If they cannot tie the balloons my kids actually just pinch where the opening is and then throw it at the person that they’re wanting to get and this actually is more helpful for them because if you don’t throw these balloons super hard then they’re not going to pop until they hit the ground so it makes it easier for them to actually get the person wet that they’re wanting to without having to chunk it really hard and deal with all that they just hold the nozzle take off the balloon from that Nozzle and pinch the opening of the balloon and when you throw it it will push out all the air conditioning pampa tx when you release the balloon so then it actually does release the water from the balloon and you don’t have to keep buying a bunch of balloons because you’re not breaking the balloons so you just pick up all your balloons agrees them we found that it’s a lot easier this way for kids under the age of five that really don’t know how to tie balloons yet or things like that so that’s what we’ve been doing and it’s been very successful in our household. If you want you can call the air conditioning pampa TX and see if they have more great ideas for kids to do outside I will post a couple more that we like to do but I know they have a lot of great ideas so just look around on line as well. Another fun activity that we try to do outside if you have like a trampoline or a picnic table or things like that I’ve learned that taking the kids outside to eat lunch is very different for them so it intrigues them more to sit down and eat so like even just taking them for a picnic somewhere without a playground or something like that it works great so then they’re not distracted and want to go play the whole time but they’re in a new environment that’s exciting and it’s something new that they’re not used to doing . I try to let the kids have at least 30 minutes of outside play a day even if it’s raining all day it’sDefinitely something that helps keep them out of trouble and and keeps them occupied throughout the day and helps get their energy out. Oh yeah I think the FedEx man is here so that probably means my rain energy drinks are here which I’m so excited about that one way that I am changing up the air conditioning pampa tx something to help me lose weight so by switching up my coffee drinking I have decided to switch over to rain’s energy drink because there is zero fat 9% sodium only one carb 1% carbohydrates 0 sugar zero added sugar and then it’s got a lot of niacin it’s got actually 130% of your daily value and it’s also got vitamin B potassium and vitamin B12 it actually has a lot of B 12250% of your daily value good so yeah and it also has of course the 300 milligram of caffeine so your average cup of coffee but without all the air conditioning pampa tx sugar and fat that’s in your Creamer and stuff like that so Be sure and look into that if you are hoping to lose weight and are looking for better ways to eat cleaner but still get the same benefits and taste and same thing with like drinks if you’re still looking to get your caffeine but don’t want all the sugary substances I highly recommend Facebook getting some rains and at least trying them out there’s all different flavors like orange creamsicle cherry limeade there’s jalapeño strawberry or seems a little weird to me but I don’t know everyone’s different there’s also flavors that I’ve personally never tried but I recommend at least checking the mount so then you can make the decision for yourself and see if they would be the best energy drink for you and your family.


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