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I’m super excited about this and really trying to improve my weight loss little things like this that you wouldn’t even think about that could help you with air conditioning pampa tx Alabama niacin itself helps you lose weight so that’s absolutely great in my opinion because not only getting your daily caffeine that you want in need you’re also getting stuff that will actually improve your weight loss and I get the inferno kind particularly I get the red dragon inferno kind and what that does is it actually helps you sweat throughout the day and I just absolutely love the flavor that I get like I said my favorite one is the red dragon but they do have other kind the only one that I was really not a fan of in the inferno kind was jalapeño strawberry it just was not that great to me but I mean everyone has a different air conditioning pampa tx palette so maybe that would be something that you would love but they also have a true blue and it’s more of a blueberry taste mine is more of a like honestly like cherry slash I don’t even know honestly it’s really good though. It’s so funny how we associate colors with flavors like red I normally think of cherry or watermelon or something like that a strawberry and then like blue I immediately think of blueberry and purple you think of grape and orange of course you’re going to think of orange it’s just I think it’s so funny when we do stuff like that just ’cause that’s how a lot of like even like the popsicles like the ice popsicles we had as a kid that’s how those were so I mean the pink was I think like a watermelon flavor red was cherry blue is blueberry all those kind of things so that’s just how my brain automatically associate’s colors so whenever I see my red inferno I’m like shoot that is air conditioning pampa tx cherry something like that because they already have a watermelon kind and they do have a strawberry kind so i’m assuming that mine would be more of a cherry taste and that would probably be why i like it because i am a big cherry flavor type of person it’s just called red dragon so whatever red dragon would taste like ’cause i guess that i don’t know why they name on some silly name so I’m assuming that mine would be more of a cherry taste and that would probably be why I like it because I am a big cherry flavor type of person it’s just called red dragon so whatever red dragon would taste like ’cause I guess that I don’t know why they named some silly names like air conditioning pampa tx but but it tastes good and helps me get exactly what I’m wanting from it the caffeine and the weight loss so it’s a win win for me I personally love it so. I actually got a whole case because the store does not usually have my flavor for some reason so I ended up buying a whole pack of 12 so then I don’t have to worry about the stores not having them an honestly it’s gonna save me money in the long run because I’m not paying 250 for a bottle each time I only paid $17.00 for a pack of 12 so I mean in my opinion I saved quite a bit of money and now I realize how the store makes quite a bit of money off of this. So if you are wanting to switch up your energy drink from like something with a lot of sugar like I used to get the monsters but then you realize how much sugar it has and plus monsters are really unhealthy for you anyways but I realized how much sugar it had an I freaked I was like well well no wonder I’m not an air conditioning pampa tx losing my I’m drinking two monsters a day and they’ve got like 80% of your daily value in one of these cans so I start looking into different energy drinks and different options and coffee and the rains are the only thing that I feel like is best so that is why I drink them personally but drinking black coffee is not bad or having a Creamer that is like fat free sugar free all that I’m sure is fine as well I just I know some people have like dairy in it and I know dairy is not the best for weight loss even though we’re like told that kids an teenagers should have three cups of milk and all this stuff I honestly don’t think that the air conditioning pampa tx it’s the best my kids actually act way different when I give them a bunch of milk versus like water or ’cause even the juices that we get are no sugar added an all fruit natural stuff but I also give them the flavored waters so then they are actually wanting to drink water they are not a big fan of just regular water so I make sure to get the flavoring there’s some waters that just come with flavoring so it’s super easy you don’t even have to put a packet in just pop that cap off and you’ve got a flavored water they have so many different things so I recommend checking that out if you are trying to get your little ones to start drinking more water and the way that I get them to eat better is I actually get the veggie plant based food like they even make veggie plant based corn dogs my kids love corn dogs and they have no idea of the difference like absolutely no difference in taste to them so I love switching up their food and just getting to feel better not only about you know their health but like myself for making sure they’re eating right and that their healthy like my kids hardly ever really get sick and I’m so thankful for that because I absolutely hate seeing my babies when they don’t feel good and just sleep all day and don’t want to do anything it just breaks my heart.


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