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In many ways, the air handler is the “brain” of your air conditioner: It houses many components and performs processes critical to the smooth operation of your AC unit. Whether installing a new AC in your home or upgrading your existing unit, you need the best air handler installation experts in Northern Texas.

Here at Hall Heating and Air, our technicians know all the ins and outs of air handlers. We perform air handler services, including repair, maintenance, and installation in Pampa, TX, and are ready to help whenever you need it.

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What Is an Air Handler and What Does It Do?

Everyone knows what an air conditioner is, but you may not know what the box that attaches to it is. This box is an air handler, and it plays a critical part in the smooth operation of your air conditioner.

The air handler is an internal part of your central air conditioner that handles the airflow of your AC unit. Fans and blower motors pull warm air into the air handler, where it passes over coils filled with refrigerant and cools down. The air handler then directs air through your air ducts at a specified rate, keeping every room at an even temperature.

Like all parts of your AC, your air handler stands up to daily wear and tear and eventually wears out.

How To Know if Your Air Handler Needs Repairs in Pampa, TX

If your AC stops working, you might not know if it’s the air handler or another component. Fortunately, our team at Hall Heating and Air can quickly identify the problem and repair or replace your air handler.

When you notice these issues, your air handler may be malfunctioning:

  • Poor airflow throughout the home
  • Your home isn’t cooling properly
  • Your air conditioner operation is louder than usual

If you notice these issues, you’ll want to deal with them before they escalate. Call our team at Hall Heating and Air for immediate air handler services. We’ll determine if the issue is a worn fan belt, a burned-out blower motor, or simply dirty cooling coils. You can count on us for fast, accurate diagnoses, upfront pricing, and fixes that last.

Ned a new air conditioning unit installed? Ask about AC replacement and installation services.

Why Get Professional Air Handler Maintenance in the Texas Panhandle

If your air handler isn’t doing its job correctly, you’ll notice issues beyond poor air distribution. A faulty air handler can lead to problems including:

  • Algae and mold growth
  • Increased energy consumption
  • Excess moisture in your AC system

Routine maintenance service from Hall Heating and Air is your best option to keep your air handler running efficiently for longer. Our expertly trained maintenance technicians will keep your air handler running smoothly to extend the service life of your AC.

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