Furnace Installation Borger

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You should always feel comfortable and cozy in your Borger, TX, home. But when your heating system is failing, that’s nearly impossible to achieve. For high-quality furnace help, Hall Heating & Air is here for you. We know furnaces well, and have the knowledge, experience, and proper equipment to tackle any job, no matter the size or complexity. We provide quick, correct furnace replacement services, but that’s not all. Our service is friendly, prompt, and professional, and we guarantee 100 percent customer satisfaction. We know how hard it can be to deal with heating problems, and that’s why we go above and beyond to solve them.

Enjoy fast and accurate furnace solutions when you choose Hall Heating & Air. Our customer reviews tell all.

Your Reliable Furnace Replacement Company

Furnace installation is complicated, as each HVAC system has its own unique design. Hall Heating & Air has specialized skills and tools to navigate your home’s system, and get the job done right. Whether you need a furnace installed in a new home for the first time, or are simply upgrading to a new unit, you can depend on us and our 40 years of reliable service.

Types of Furnaces: Electric vs. Gas vs. Oil

Not sure whether to choose an electric furnace, gas furnace, or oil furnace for your home? Our professional furnace contractor’s can help guide you in the right direction. Choosing the right furnace for you depends on a variety of factors, including your budget, the existence of a gas line for hookup in your home, and the climate of the area you reside in. Gas, oil, and electric heaters operate differently. Gas furnaces require a gas line and a flue for exhaust to exit, and use combustion, a heater exchanger, and a blower to effectively heat. Electric furnaces use electricity, coils, and a blower to produce heat, and are generally quieter, safer, and healthier to run. The cost to purchase an electric furnace is less than a gas furnace, but gas furnaces are typically less expensive to operate. And for oil furnaces, the heat distribution usually occurs more evenly in larger spaces, units don’t require a pipeline infrastructure for fueling, and the lifespan can be up to 30 years. However, oil furnaces are more expensive and less efficient overall than gas and electric alternatives.

The average lifespan of a furnace is about 15 years if your unit is routinely serviced. Enjoy a variety of perks when you join our maintenance plan.

Signs You Should Call a Furnace Service Company

Have you heard strange or loud noises coming from your furnace? Is your unit more than 15 years old and needing frequent repairs? Maybe you’ve noticed a sudden increase in your energy bill. If any of these scenarios are the case for you, you may need a new furnace. It can be frustrating when your home isn’t heating properly. A furnace that isn’t heating efficiently or effectively, a home that is more dusty than usual, or frequent cycling of your heating system are also signs that you may need a replacement unit.

Furnace replacement is a big deal. Borger, TX, residents can enjoy peace of mind and call the pros at Hall Heating & Air at 806-669-2437 for assistance every step of the way.