Heating and Cooling FAQs

Got questions about your AC or heater? Our experienced HVAC technicians at Hall Heating and Air have the answers. Call us at 806-669-2437 to discuss your HVAC needs in Pampa, TX, or nearby cities like Claude and Panhandle.

At Hall Heating and Air, we always put the needs of our clients first and put our experience and training to work for you to answer common HVAC FAQs. We strive to educate our clients about the importance of maintaining their HVAC systems and provide a level of customer service you’ve never seen before.

Some of the most common reasons an AC unit runs but won’t blow cool air include damaged blower belts, low levels of refrigerant, or dirty air filters. Turn off the AC and call us for service. One of our trustworthy technicians will inspect your unit, determine the source of the problem, and fix it to restore cool air to your Pampa home.

Many people believe an oversized furnace means more heat for your home. But an oversized furnace will actually cause your thermostat to shut off early. The short cycling will cause wear and tear on your furnace. An undersized furnace will have to stay on longer to heat your home, which also stresses the system.

Allow the Hall Heating and Air team to help you find the perfect furnace for your home! Don’t compromise on comfort; find the best furnace to keep your house toasty warm all winter.

Our HVAC technicians use an advanced ultraviolet dye to locate freon leaks in heat pumps. We send the ultraviolet dye into the HVAC system and use a detection lamp to pinpoint the exact location of the freon leak.

Ductless mini-split systems are ideal if your home does not already have central AC or air ducts. The small size, heating and cooling capabilities and easy installation make ductless mini-split systems a great option.

Heat pumps cost more to install but pay off in the long-term thanks to their super energy-efficient heating and cooling. A heat pump replaces your AC and your heater, transferring heat from the ground or the air to heat your home.

If you smell vinegar from your AC unit, your HVAC system may have mold growth, a broken electric motor, clogged air filters, or a condensate drain in need of cleaning. Call Hall Heating and Air today to have our team thoroughly examine your AC unit and find the source of the smell.

If your furnace keeps shutting off, you might have a broken thermostat, blocked air vents, or an electrical problem in the furnace. Check that the air vents in your home are clean and unblocked, replace the batteries in your thermostat, then call us for a furnace inspection and repair.

You will receive a text massage when the technician is headed your way! You will have a link that allows you to see where he’s driving from so you have plenty of time to meet him!

Cash, card, check, and financing options.

We service the Texas panhandle. No matter how big or small your city is – Hall Heating and Air has you covered!

Hall Heating and Air has proudly served the Texas panhandle community for over 40 years. Our trained technicians can answer any FAQs you have and tackle any HVAC project with integrity, expertise, and attention to detail. Call Hall Heating and Air today at 806-669-2437 for your free estimate and to schedule service.