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Do you need Groom heating services in Groom, TX, or nearby in Amarillo or Clarendon? Contact your leading local team at Hall Heating and Air for service throughout the Panhandle.

Are you looking for reliable heating repair or a new furnace installation? Hall Heating and Air is your local furnace service company for all your heating needs.

Our team of certified specialists undergoes additional training to deliver the best possible results. In addition, we provide every team member with the best equipment and supplies in Carson County. This winning combination allows us to offer our 100% satisfaction guarantee with complete confidence.

Learn more about our Groom heating service team by reading our reviews from other clients in the Groom, Texas, area.

Heater Repair & Installs in Groom, Texas

You can call our Groom heating services team for everything you need, from installation to a proactive heater tune-up. Wherever you are in the Amarillo, Texas, Metro Area, call us when you need assistance.

You may need our Groom heating services if you notice:

  • That the heating is uneven or inconsistent
  • The system making strange noises
  • Your unit not being able to reach the temperature you require
  • That the unit switches on and off in quick succession
  • Leaks in your ducts

Some customers like to tinker with appliances. We recommend against this when it comes to heating systems, as they’re easy to damage. One wrong move can destroy a sensitive component and cost hundreds of dollars to repair.

Furnace Repair & Installs in Carson County

Our Groom heating services team specializes in furnace repair, furnace maintenance, and installation. Call us if you notice any of the following problems:

  • Your furnace speeding through cycles in three minutes or less. This might mean a faulty thermostat but could also mean issues with the heat exchanger, so it’s important to check.
  • The burners are not all burning. The most likely cause is that the area needs a good cleaning. However, it can also point to a cracked heat exchanger or other serious issues.
  • The unit emits strange sounds. When you start hearing banging, shrieking, or popping noises from the furnace, it’s time for a thorough inspection.
  • You suspect something is wrong with the heat exchanger. A crack in this critical component can prove deadly, as it allows carbon monoxide to seep out. Since the gas is tasteless, odorless, and colorless, you won’t notice.

Want to know more about how heat pumps operate and why so many people in Northern Texas are making the switch? We have a selection of interesting articles about this on our blog.

Heat Pump Services in the 79039 ZIP Code

Are you considering replacing your furnace? A heat pump could be an ideal investment because it offers the following benefits:

  • Uses renewable energy and so costs very little to run
  • May allow you to qualify for government incentives
  • Improves your home’s air quality because it does not emit fumes
  • Is safer for the environment, your family, or employees
  • Gives you complete control over the inside climate
  • Is simple to maintain and repair

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Caleb D.

Caleb D.

Warranty call on a Heat Pump System that was causing problems with the breakers, Made a few adjustments and system is not working properly

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