Hall Heating and Air aims to provide excellent HVAC service all around the Claude, Texas area in the 79019 ZIP Code and beyond, to Amarillo or other local places.

We have been around long enough to know the local landscape very well. Many properties in Claude, Texas are clustered around the central town area, while others are a bit out of town, or nestled in the desert regions around Claude, with small bodies of water interspersed throughout the geography.

Using routes 280 and 287, we’re used to running around various areas of Claude to help homeowners to deal with what they need for their home heating and cooling systems.

We also get up to Highway 40, and the northern area leading into Amarillo or into local areas like Washburn and Yarnell or Malden and the Goodnight hospitality area further east.

Some Challenges with Texas HVAC

When we show up in Claude or surrounding areas, it’s often during an unprecedented winter freeze.

These events hit the local Texas market hard, because people aren’t used to dealing with below-freezing temperatures.

When the occasional freeze does happen, homeowners and business owners are looking at things like frozen pipes, failing systems and insufficient heating that drives people to seek alternative measures.

It’s not unusual to see locals doing things like heating with space heaters, or even sleeping in their cars if the heating system is not sufficient to provide heat during the winter freeze.

This local area in Claude, Texas isn’t like a northeastern or Northwestern community that understands the annual pattern of winter chill. Because of the more equatorial latitude here, there is the tendency to ignore cold weather until it becomes too much to handle. And it generally gets that way quickly and suddenly.

At Your Call

One of the things that we pride ourselves on in Claude, Texas and surrounding areas is being responsive and scheduling our services well. It’s frustrating to call a professional shop and not get adequate, prompt service. These home systems are critical for not just comfort, but for safety as well.

Ask Hall Heating and Air about equipping a home in Claude, Texas with the proper heating and cooling equipment to handle winter freezes as well as summer heat waves that have a devastating effect in Texas communities. We can help with service to guarantee satisfaction with your professional repair man and contracting office. Take a look at what Hall Heating and Air does in the area throughout our website, with testimonials and other resources to understand our presence and experience in the Claude area.


Contact us to get a quote and see why our customer service is recognized as the best in the industry.



Hall Heating and Air has been proudly serving the Texas Panhandle for over 40 years! What this means for you is that our experienced technicians will offer you service that can’t be topped by any competitor. We are also proud to offer Trane equipment – the most reliable and highly tested equipment that you can find when it comes to your home’s comfort needs. Why do we love Trane? Watch this video to see for yourself why IT’S HARD TO STOP A TRANE.



If you are in need of repairs to your heating or cooling unit, new installation of top of the line heating and air equipment, or just want to have peace of mind with a maintenance program – Hall Heating and Air is here for you! No matter the need, Hall Heating and Air is here to assess your situation and provide you with options that you will take care of your home’s comfort needs. Hall Heating and Air also has financing options to fit your budget, subject to credit approval.


I called Hall Heating and Air to schedule a furnace inspection before cold weather hits. The ladies that answered the phone at Hall Heating and Air were very helpful, very professional, and Caleb our technician was able to come the very next day. I was so surprised they were able to fit us in so quickly! Caleb was able to determine the state of our furnace, and with a camera showed us the damage to the gas pipes. He immediately called back to his office at Hall Heating and Air and they were able to get us the information we needed for a new furnace. Holly was extremely helpful when I spoke to her at the office and helped us with financing. They were able to approve us the very same morning. I would recommend Hall Heating and Air over many many businesses in our area that provide the same service.

Nancy B.