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Hey everybody so it is currently Monday and I am getting some cleaning done because my ac unit is causing a lot of dust. while I am doing this heating and air amarillo tx article this morning if you would like to head over to Http://hallheatingandair.net I have quite a bit of cleaning I need to get done. so that is why I decided to go ahead and start an article while I’m doing that that way I can kind of knockout multiple things at once. I have all my other maybe sometimes articles done for last months I just went over and checked them to make sure they were all correct and everything before they get burned in. so that is what I have been doing a little bit this morning.

If you are curious, I was getting you know some things done that I needed to get done since yesterday was Halloween. I was not able to get a bunch of stuff done yesterday we ended up going to the store and we spent actually a lot of time in the store. We wanted to get that done for us to live happily ever after tonight. we don’t understand why either one need help to bring my family. just when you thought you’ve seen it all too many questions were asked. I’ve actually think we are pretty quite sometime looking for heating and air amarillo tx and some different ideas. I guess to do for a costume for myself I wanted to match my youngest son so that is what we did. so how did it I looked around at the store I found a couple things so that I could kind of match. so we ended up getting those and then coming back home and then we ended up getting ready. I did a lot of their face painting and stuff like that so that kind of took up a little bit of our time. now I think we went about five o’clock six o’clock maybe I think we went. I am pretty sure we went to my fiancee’s moms house 1st and waited for their brothers to get ready.

While we were waiting a little bit on them while they got ready, we are I decided to go ahead and take the kiddos or kids. We ended up going to my mom’s house while we waited for them anyways. we figured it wouldn’t be very long you know for me to run them to my mom’s house because I wasn’t quite sure where all they were going. I just didn’t think to want to go since we were going with that family. I just didn’t want to impose and be like, Oh well let’s drive over to the where my mom lives and all of that so we decided to just go by there while they were getting ready still. Well then we also went over to my sisters picture To get some candy and say hi to them and show them their little costumes because the heating and air amarillo tx said they looked so adorable. We then we kind of we went back to my fiancé’s mom’s house and then we went ahead and walked around for a little bit.we walked on one of the streets that are close by where she lives. We wanted to let the boys do some trick or treating going house to house.

Then whenever we got about halfway down the street Zack’s sister or one of his sisters called and let us know that she was actually coming into town and so we all met back at their moms home. Then we all went trick or treating together from that from there so we ended up going to a couple different places. I know we went go see their Nana and Papas house or not http://Follow their house. sorry we actually went up to the church that they go to. I think it was like highland or something like heating and air amarillo tx that I’m not sure.

Then we did go up there and visit with them and all of his family on that side met up there so it wasn’t just them they had their Nana and pop. all all of their sisters and then the brothers had came the only one that wasn’t there was their youngest sister Because she had actually gone out of town with her boyfriend but anyways we all met up there and we kind of visited for awhile got some family pictures hung out. and then whenever we were done there we ended up going to another church that was doing like a trunk or treat option if you live in my town then it’s kind of over by ever green.

so we went over there and we did that little bit of trunk or treating. After that we went from there we actually ended up just walking down the street. We also choose to go up to the heating and air amarillo tx house to house and let the kids you know do a little bit of The Walking and getting the candy. that way it wasn’t just like the church trunk or treating and we wanted to you know give him that little bit of walking door to door and getting to say trick or treat and all of that. so they had an absolute blast after we went there we went there. When we got up to the comic book store I think that’s what it’s called or something like that.

my fiancé’s brother’s really into comics and one of them like dressed to like I mean they had this completely 3D printed like it was a Star Wars suit. so he was really excited to show it off to all of them and they just they absolutely loved it. so we went up there and my son actually ended up getting a Spiderman comic book since he was wearing Spiderman. I thought that was super sweet of them to go ahead and just let him have that. the heating and air amarillo tx we sat there and talked a little bit and then we were going to go pick up some pizza afterwards but for some reason the app wasn’t working.


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