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Oh man my house has been so hot it’s absolutely insane my dogs would rather be playing in the water than be inside the house. I need to call an hvac service amarillo tx company .We’ve got a little water thing that they can control so they can run in the water and have also got our sprinkler system out there they love to play in along with their pool and today they’d rather be outside all day then come in ’cause it is that hot this summer has been absolutely ridiculous. I went outside earlier and it almost feels like what it feels like inside my house I’m not sure what’s going on I’ve had my air conditioning on since I woke up at 7:00 o’clock this morning I’m not sure that it’s even working right now which is really crappy to find out about 12:00 o’clock in the middle of the day ’cause now it’s the hottest time Anne I don’t know if I hvac service amarillo tx in my area is going to be able to fit me in today it’s crazy to think that with everything going on with the environment and the government and all of that all our services are pushed back because they don’t have that many people Anymore to work for them. Nowadays it’s like if you just stay at home an you don’t have to get a job you make more money than it is when you actually work which I think a lot of people have realized over this time that their family is more important than a job and now they don’t want to come back or during that time off they decided to go and study for something that pays higher now because of the pandemic so now we have a bunch of nurses and we don’t have anything else. But anyways back on the topic I don’t want to get up too off topic there but I was talking about how hvac service amarillo tx might not be able to get me in so I think I might look up some things online and see what all I can find I’m hoping it’s just like something got a little clogged or something maybe just made it shut off for a second but I really don’t know and my fiancé is out of town for work so just gonna really suck ’cause I’m gonna have to go without it until he gets back or until a company can come service my HVAC system. .I’m hoping that somebody can maybe just fit me in but today is Tuesday and the last two companies I’ve called said there booked until Monday so I really I really don’t want to go five days without my HVAC system but i mean if i absolutely have to i guess i will If I have to. I don’t have much say in that I guess so I better just make the most out of it might go buy a couple of window units and some fans until I can Until thehvac service amarillo tx in my area can come help get my system back on I think I’m gonna run to Walmart and go grab a filter or something normally I get my filters off of Amazon but today I’ll go get the filter from Walmart and see if maybe it’s just my filter or something they’d be nice if it was just my filter I haven’t used my filter in a minute so maybe that’s what it is that’s the only thing I can really I can hope for. oh I think that guy it is coming to drop off my stuff for my closet is here so I better go make sure they’re not if I need to get off here better make sure that I at least do that I don’t wanna miss them. I’m getting my closet redone so I am looking for a bunch of different things to put inside so I can organize it the way I want which I never realized how much work went into a closet remodel but we’re actually switching our second bathroom into our master closet so we had to remove the plumbing and the floors and tub and all that so it’s kind of been a pain to get that all back on track and getting it the way we want but now we’re finally starting toSee a bunch of progress with everything that we’re putting in I still need to fix up some parts of the wall ’cause when we were taking out the plumbing and everything we had to cut holes so I’m having to do that but I think that it will turn out nicely once we’re done with everything I just gotta wait till everything comes in. I know that a lot of places around here have hvac service amarillo tx companies that will travel and everything so I might just tried to call somebody who would be willing to travel an could fit me in today ’cause I really don’t want to wait that long I understand that people are busy and everything and I should have figured out beforehand but this filter that I just put in is not working and I’m assuming it’s going to be something but I can’t do myself so I better just go and call somebody now see what all my options are Before it’s too late and nobody will have room to get me an appointment with an hvac service amarillo tx near me.


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