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hey everybody so i just now got all of the flooring picked up in my kitchen and it is a complete disaster i’m actually sitting outside doing this hvac service borgertx article today so that I can take a break from the flooring Ann just sit here and bust out one more article before 4:00 o’clock before all of them are due. So today we ended up going to the store and getting a game for the family for the Nintendo switch so all of us can play together and actually enjoy a game that we all like but I have got to finish painting I ended up painting my it’s like a section that would almost be like a backsplash spot or the cabinets are but there is no back splash so I ended up painting it grey and my walls are white and then the cabinets are black so I’m going to see what that looks like and then if I like the color I might just do the whole wall Gray just depending on what it looks like ’cause I don’t want to get two carried away with it but I do wanna get this kitchen busted out and then ask it thehvac service borger tx to come take a look at our walk-in closet that we are in the middle of doing because we do need a lot of suggestions on that before we have somebody come in a week we’ve got a lot of things that could go into that I think we’re thinking about doing a couple bookshelves and then putting a clothing rod in between so then we can still hang our clothes and but that way we can put it up against the wall Ann the  hvac service borger tx they truly are amazing and make it stick so then we don’t really have to build a bunch of shelves and stuff like that because we’re really just trying to get this done as quick as possible and be able to eventually sell our home and I think we’re thinking about selling our car and maybe getting a new car as well we’re pretty much just trying to start over and see where that can get us in life ’cause our car’s been breaking frequently and it’s kind of driving us crazy ’cause we fix one thing and then something goes wrong and then we fix that and then something else goes wrong and it’s just getting to the point where it’s really not worth it anymore I love the car but it’s definitely not a mom car for two kids and I don’t want to be driving around in the middle of summer with no air conditioning so I would eventually like to get a new car so hopefully we can find something like that Maybe we can be getting a new house and a new car all at the same time that be nice which it’s great ’cause we’re actually pretty young so it’s a nice little reminder that we are actually really blessed to be able to do all this stuff like the hvac service borger tx and be able to not only change our lives but help our children have good role models to look up to and see that mainly my fiancé is working Really hard and spending a lot of time out of town to make enough money to help us out and all that but I mean I’ve got my little part time job trying to help and everything but he’s the one who makes the big bucks in the relationship but it’s always a nice little reminder whenever we think about how young we actually are.I am truly blessed to have him and our kids in our familyThat we have made it to seven years together and have two beautiful children.And And now after I say all this sweet stuff about him  he’s about to shoot me with an toy gun but i’m gladThat we still have a playful relationship after all these years your listing do it I know but anyways yeah yeah I mean me watch more one. I’m hoping that it stays like this for a long time and that I can keep doing articles like this because I really enjoy it. We’re planning on having an hvac service borger tx come to our home and take a look at everything because we want to get it sold quickly and we want to get it refinanced are not refinance sorry we want to get it sold quickly and get an appraisal on it so we can know what to list it exactly and make sure that everything that we’re doing is going to be worth some type of value instead of just putting a bunch of work into a house isn’t going to add any value so I want to at least have somebody come and tell us what it’s worth but I think we still need to paint the outside of the house I think if we were to paint the outside it might look a lot better as well but we’ll just have to see what all would actually add value to the home and what wouldn’t because this house is really big and I do not want to have to paint this if it’s not going to add any value to it whatsoever.Oh no what time is it oh it’s 3:30 OK well it is about time that I jump off here I’ve gotta let my boss know how many articles I got done for this week and that way I can get paid so I hope you’ll stay tuned for the next hvac service borgertx article that will be coming tomorrow and I will finish the 120 articles by the end of this month so I hope you all have had a great day and continue to have an amazing day. Bye.


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