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Well well I have the chance to bust out this hvac service borger tx article I’m gonna go ahead and get this done my kiddos are occupied this morning they even got up early honestly earlier than normal they normally don’t wake up till about 9 to 10 they’re up by 7:00 o’clock this morning so it’s kind of been a little bit of a struggle to get some of these articles done but I’m going to go ahead and bust one out while I’ve got my youngest watching the his favorite show Daniel tiger and then my oldest is actually playing Mario 64 on their own Nintendo switch. it’s so funny to watch my oldest play that game because I used to play it when I was younger so it’s kind of a little reminiscing kind of thing even though I wasn’t his age when I and hvac service borger tx played clearly his only four years old an absolutely amazing at the game it’s crazy he always shocks me whenever I want to play ’cause he knows all these little secrets and moves and I’m like what I didn’t even know that not played that years ago but yeah it’s definitely a cute little thing to watch. I’ll probably have him go watching Daniel tiger now ’cause he’s been playing that for 30 minutes I try to only limit their screen time to about like 2 hours completely with the gaming and all that so then I can have more time for them to color and play with music and pretty much have a daycare from home that is more of the idea of being a stay at home mom then I like then just then watching TV all the time and some parents do that I’m just not that way but I will be doing this hvac service borgertx article while I pick up their toys we’ve got a little section in the living room that has all their toys ’cause they’ve got a big house so on one side of the living room we have all of our you know living room stuff bookshelves catches all that and then on the other side is where I’ve got their little play area so then if we were to ever want to watch a movie and they don’t want to watch it then it’s easy for me to still keep an eye on them I just have him play in the living room instead of going anywhere else it helps me feel more comfortable and allows them to still be near us which is what I like I don’t like Kevin like send them to their room and stuff just because we’re doing stuff I’m not a fan of that like some parents do that I just I’d rather them stay and play in the living room while we do stuff and then I can still keep an eye on him and it just works better for our family that way but every family is different so don’t get me wrong if you do it then fine I just it’s not what I only like to do but anyways I am actually going to have to be going through their toys because they have so many toys it’s ridiculous their room is absolutely filled with toys and then our living room has like a little toy box section it’s actually for like I guess you could say it’s like for picnics or somethingcyclical I don’t know I’ve got a picnic basket that’s full of like art stuff so they can have their coloring books and everything right there and their actual books and puzzles so then I can also watch them with it because sometimes they like to get carried away and color on things that they’re not supposed to but that’s just what hvac service borgertx kids will do I don’t expect them to be perfect I know that kids are curious and that’s why we just end up painting over it we’ve had one of our children color the wall with a crown and so we were I don’t know if it was a crown or something else but it wasn’t coming off whatever it was and so we ended up just painting over it no big deal just a lot easier to stay calm about some of those things then get worked up and freaked out about every time something happens ’cause I mean their kids they are still learning and you can expect them to be completely perfect in life we’re not even perfect in life so how can we ask children who are have been less or been in this world amount of time than us so I know I’m still learning every day about things and how to handle emotions and all sorts of things like that I know I wouldn’t expect somebody or I wouldn’t want somebody to expect me to be perfect so I try to teach my kids that we’re not perfect we just got to do better each time after we do learn something try to remember it go from there Now that I’m already done cleaning up their toys and clean up their little table they had beans and corn last night and the dogs the stuff hvac service borger tx they didn’t eat my dogs went and decided to go lick around and now it’s all over my floor all over their chairs so I’ve got a get that all cleaned up for them. I just cleaned the house for like 3 hours straight yesterday and it’s already kind of a disaster so I wanna get that cleaned up a little bit and before it gets any worse than it could get I hate cleaning the house all day long over the weekend and then already first thing on Monday it’s hardly a disaster ’cause I tried to clean the house really good on the weekends so then on the week whenever I’m working an I have to do these hvac service borgertx articles then


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