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So I’m going to be getting a pampa air conditioning article Before my phone dies and while my little one is laying down because it’s a lot easier to get these articles done with them distracted and occupied and doing something that they like To do so then they are distracted for a little bit because every time that I start doing this talk to text my son thinks that I am actually talking on the phone and so he always wants to say hi to whoever it is and then I end up having to erase everything that he says in the conversation that we have so then I can stay on tract and make sure that I don’t have any misspelled words or things like that. I tried to get at least five or six articles done before 12:00 o’clock so then I only have a couple more to do throughout the rest of the day so then I can spend more time with my kiddos and really try and do some school work with them and teaching and that way I’m not spending all day on my phone doing these articles and making sure that they know that I’m here they can come talk to me if they need anything I just hate having to stop each time I’m doing an pampa air conditioning article too just talk and do all Little things that they need even just like opening a door ’cause then it makes me lose my train of thought so it’s way easier for me to just bust them out while they take a nap or do something like that because then I can just solely focus on busting out articles and getting them done as quick as possible. So I just tried a Kiwi for the first time Anne I did not realize how good Kiwis were and how healthy they were for you I looked up some benefits of Kiwis and other fruit like lemons and stuff and they help Curb Your appetite so I thought that was really cool because I’ve been trying to lose weight and get 12 point where I feel fuller faster because here lately I don’t really feel that full often and I’m not sure why well I was looking up benefits of eating Kiwis it had shown that it actually helps people with asthma which my fiancé has asthma so I’m going to have to talk to him and get him to start eating some it also has a lot of fiber inside which will help you lose weight and it is low in sugar since it’s a fruit you always have to be careful with what fruit you’re eating because sometimes they are high in sugar but this particular fruit is something that will actually help you feel fuller faster so then you don’t have to worry about being hungry 10 minutes later this is something you could add in a shake for breakfast or something and mix with other fruits or poppy seed or things like that that can help us well and that would help you lose weight. I know when I was doing morning pampa air conditioning shakes it was giving me a lot of energy but I never actually used Kiwi like I said this is the first time I’ve tried Kiwi I think I might have tried it when I was like a little girl I vaguely have a memory of eating a Kiwi but I have not tried one since like if I did try one it was when I was like 5 years old so but they’re not bad they’re sweet and the only problem you know is just getting them cut and everything but that’s I mean it’s just like an orange you just gotta Pebble skin away and then eat it so it’s definitely something that I would look into if you are trying to be healthier apparently it also helps with heart health which is exactly what I need my mom is actually having to have open heart surgery because they have heart issues on her side of the family and so I’ve been trying to find the right things to help and improve my nan my kids heart health because I don’t pampa air conditioning  want us to have to go through what she’s going through so but if you do have a liver problem It showed that pineapple is a good substitution instead of Kiwi because it has better benefits for the liver I guess. Me and my family will definitely be eating Kiwis from now on and I’m super excited to be eating healthy and to get my weight loss that I have been trying to get ’cause this time I’m going to stick to my healthy eating and he as healthy as possible until I get to my desired weight goal which is 115 anywhere from 1:10 to 1:15 is more like the gold I really just depends how I look at that point I also plan on getting a pampa air conditioning gym membership so that I’m not just losing weight but I’m also gaining muscles because that is very important to me as well I don’t wanna lose a bunch of weight and look like a swag so I definitely want to at least see what a membership would cost me and I’ll be doing a couple of videos on working out and stuff like that about pricing and equipment that each place has so then you all can get a good idea of the average thoughts are I know that there’s one in particular place that’s cheaper than the other gyms in Tampa but I’m not really sure which one is better and offers more Have a bunch of different things that I’m actually going to be working for and try to get a successful of possibles in I’m not sure if it would be better to just get a personal trainer to help me get some of my body goals that I’m interested in or see if maybe I can just get a routine going with my sister I plan on getting more muscular that is why my goal weight is about 1:15 I know that muscle weighs more than fat so I know that whenever I wasn’t pregnant with my second son like right before I think I was weighing about 1:10 but I wasn’t that muscly so I think 115 is a good pampa air conditioning weight to give myself to try and look as close as I can to the body image that I like.


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