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Sorry guys I had to stop and I brush my teeth and got ready for the day little bit so then I could get these articles done I bought this body wash the other day and it’s doctor tills brand and it has made my pampa air conditioning skin so soft like it said it would like it talks about it’s called glow and radiance but they’re the same brand that you can get bath salts or something like that with I used to use it some other like soaking salts or whatever after a workout ’cause they had a one that’s supposed to help your muscles like it relieves your muscles or something and so I always use that well whenever I saw that they had a body wash I just had to try it an it has tremendously changed my skin it’s got vitamin C and centrists essential oils which promotes pampa air conditioning glowing youthful skin and then centrists you East Central oils help uplift mood as well and then it also got aloe Vera Shea butter and vitamin E which will help hydrate your skin and it’s made in the US so and he’s very good at rounding up but it definitely moisturizes your skin and I highly recommend it If you are looking for a new body wash to try ’cause it is became my absolute favorite. I’ve also been taking biotin pills to help with hair growth and skin and nails so I’ve also got that that’s helping my skin so much and definitely my nails I cut my nails like every week now to keep pampa air conditioning them at my desired leave and I used to not ever have to cut my nails until should maybe like a month or two and still that was I mean they’ve became way harder and like stronger I guess you could say Anne If you are trying to grow out your hair I highly recommend taking these and I’ve also been taken apple cider vinegar pills they actually help with many different things but I am particularly trying to have the weight loss benefits from those. Now that my rains are cold I can go ahead and drink one of these while I do these articles and might tried to bust out a practice tattoo today because i’m going to be getting pampa air conditioning a new Tattoo gun tomorrow super excited about that and I want to practice one more time on this gun their fair they’re very fun to do in my opinion I love doing tattoos and getting to just test your skills I think that it is all such an amazing process because it’s pretty much just like art like I don’t think of it any other way other than aren’t like I need to find there we go there’s one I can do sorry guys I print out a bunch of these so I can test my skills and everything and right now I’m not even sure which one I want to do there’s so many that I have I’m not going to know what you want to do I’ve got I owl on top of this lady’s head which I’m not sure I’m a fan of that not true what’s going on there but I do have this other girl and she’s got like a beehive behind her pampa air conditioning with B is flying one on her face I really find this one interesting i might do this if it fits on my practice skin properly Sorry guys I had this stop real quick and talk to my son he is obsessed with tattoos and tattooing and stuff like that and so he ran and ask me what I’m making is definitely probably going to be a tattoo artist himself he has been so interested in it ever since I started which I think is so cute actor I cannot find my blogging for my Tattoo machine I finally decided what I was going to do was this lady’s face with bees on it it sounds a little creepy but it looks really cool and it’s going to be something that I can actually work on my shading with because this will have to have a lot of grey wash and shading so it’s not too Dark and you can see the difference between the hair and everything that is one way that you can work more on pampa air conditioning settling your shading but just differential lines like some lighter than others so then you can get that particular look that you’re going for and mine has a lot of that shading so I’m going to have to have grey wash and regular black there’s so much stuff in my never mind I found what I was looking for OK just if you ever do decide to start tattooing I highly recommend you look into what type of ink is best because the ink that came with our tattoo machine we ended up not even using because it was very awkward I guess you could say like we definitely couldn’t use it on skin but even just using it off of skin it dried really quickly like even in the containers it would dry quickly and so it was very weird to try to use that and get a successful piece done without your ink drawing in a cup that you are tattooing in so I definitely recommend whatever you’re doing just make sure you have the right material and equipment because it is very important Especially if you are going to be giving somebody a tattoo having the right ink to go into the skin is something that you really need to look into or even just ask somebody who’s already a tattoo artist and knows a little bit more or you can look online on youtube.. Well I hope you all have had a great day so far and I am going to get off here real quick and try to bust out this tattoo but be sure and look for my other articles that will be coming out tomorrow bye.


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