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hey everybody so I am actually going to be doing this pampa air conditioning article while I am practicing a tattoo I have actually been trying to become a tattoo artist and so I try to get as much practicing as possible I get a little off topic because that’s what happens I am actually doing probably one of the coolest tattoos practice cheap that I have ever done so I’m super stoked about getting this done and seeing whatever you want thinks about it gonna have lots of skating Anne lots of grey wash which if you don’t know much about tattoos grey wash is just what you use whenever you need something to be a little lighter than you do in all black tattoo so I was definitely you usually see that grey wash in hair and things with lots of shadow I really hope that this looks good because I’ve been doing tic T.O.K videos of my tattoo designs second and so I need to back out video that I have that shows this Sorry my gun keeps cutting out so I gotta figure out what’s wrong with it that is why I’m getting a new one coming tomorrow so then I can start actually working frequently On my ideas And I just need to really get comfortable with the pressure that I put into the skin when I cut too ’cause that is the one thing that I have been struggling with the pampa air conditioning Especially on my fiancé I’m always so scared that I’m gonna hurt him or something and so I end up not putting enough pressure and then it takes longer and then I gotta go back and correct some of the mistakes that I did by not pressing hard enough so that is one thing that I recommend don’t be too scared of hurting somebody to the point where you’re just not pushing hard enough but it’s definitely a really fun to do tattoos Sorry guys I had to be super careful with the parts that I was doing on that tattoo ’cause I was doing for facial features which are very important so after go slow and really focus on what I’m doing and make sure that each line connects an looks right and then shave in some speakers I’m super excited to see how this turns out because right now it issue pampa air conditioning looking absolutely amazing I might even cut through this on myself so I need to get more ink in this And I like to start on one part of the tattoo on one side of the tattoo and then move over to the next about form being extra careful right now as I’m switching over to the other side which requires a different angle have to really be sure that the angle that you choose is going to be comfortable an something that is not only comfortable for you but also the client so sometimes you have to tattoo upside down and it’s not like ideal but sometimes it’s just what we have to do tattoo done I tried practicing as if there was a person that I was tattooing this on so then I can’t move the top two paper around or the mat around ’cause that’s not ideal so I have to readjust I am almost halfway through the outline of this tattoo I’m actually moving towards the other side what’s this one actually has less stuff going on except for it’s got two bees And a little bit more lines for her but other than that it’s not too difficult the only thing about this like tattoos that might be a debacle is this really focusing on he pampa air conditioning your line and making sure that everything connects Because if you don’t connect them just right it’ll look unfinished and unprofessional definitely looks like a newbie did it so you wanna make sure to get the lines perfectly really connect everything that needs to be connected and then also just getting shading is a big thing that even I’m learning how to do but I’ve noticed that with shading a lot of the time it’s best to do like grey wash so then you can actually see a difference and Compare lines of the outline and the shading like mine I didn’t even put any of my shading marks but I’m going to have the pampa air conditioning because I didn’t want to confuse myself and It can get very confusing and overwhelming as you have a bunch of this lines e Every where and especially like in her I did a Medusa once and there was snake and then there was hair so I had to really watch exactly where my lines were from my hair and then where it was for the snakes But like with this one it’s just going to be here that is kind of tricky and maybe like the shading of some of the fees ’cause there are part of few of these that I need to figure out how I’m going to shave ’cause I  but I hope you all have a great day today and hope you learn something new. I want them all to have unique markings so each one of them stand out more I need to do my bottom be this on this ’cause it’s he pampa air conditioning almost wiped off now I’m honestly thinking about doing this chat to particular on myself afterwards once I get a little bit more comfortable and see how well this looks this is turning out. Well I just got done with the outline so I’m going to clean this up a little bit and then start on the shading so I’m going to go ahead and get off hereso then I can really start focusing a little bit moreAnd bust out not only this article but also this tattoo. Look out for my next article.


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