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Good morning everybody so I just woke up and I wanted to bust one of these pampa air conditioning articles out while I am getting up in the morning and my kiddos are still asleep. I finally got my energy drinks delivered yesterday so now I do not have to worry about being half asleep these actually help me wake up super quickly so I’m very thankful for them ’cause now I’m already ready to go and am able to get these articles started immediately so then I can bust out more today. It’s so funny I absolutely love doing these articles early in the morning ’cause it makes my brain more productive like it gets me going faster I guess in the morning and so then I’m able to get more things done throughout the day like I love doing these articles while I’m cleaning or something so that I’m busting out multiple things at once and not just sitting down and talking to you about pampa air conditioning ’cause I do it talk to text so there’s no point for me to be sitting down watching get up over round and do all that but my favorite thing to do while I do this is usually clean up the house specially while my kids are asleep so then when they do get up and around and want to play with toys is not already a mess everywhere I think kind of control how big of a mess they make throughout the day just by keeping an eye on everything that’s the driving out I tried to organize everything so they can understand the difference in certain toys like I put blocks together and then pretend to play together and then transportation together that way if they wanna play with blocks and they just need to get some blocks out and if they want to play with transportation play then they can just pull out some colors that they choose to play with but this keeps it so that they’re not pulling out every single toy just to find what they want and it also keeps is them to organize which I think is very important to teach our children because we want them to understand how to clean up their messes as well and how to keep their room clean and put in certain place I don’t want them to ever just feel like OK yeah if I just throw all my toys everywhere then it’s fine specially within getting older and my oldest is about to start school next year so I want him to be as prepared as pampa air conditioningpossible when it comes to that and I know like in daycares and stuff we had a clean up system where the toys all had their own specific place and it just worked really well and help the teachers out a lot and so I want to teach my kids that as much as possible. It’s so funny I don’t even realize how many toys they have until I start picking up pampa air conditioning the men I’m shocked every time I honestly should probably go through some of their toys and get rid of some so then when we buy them new toys it’s not getting really overwhelming or anything because yeah they do have quite a bit of tools that I’m see I’m just right here in the living room I’ve got their toys separated so I’ve got some toys in the living room and sometimes toys in their bedroom this way I can kind of I have a spot for them whenever they are inside the living room I have a spot that they can sit down and play and I can keep an eye on them and then I’ve got you know all their toys in their room that they can always play with pampa air conditioning but if they just seem to be getting into a lot of fights or something like that I just move into the living room and that way I can also keep an eye on everything that’s happening and make sure that they’re not being mean to each other. They’re normally not really mean to each other anything it’s just misunderstandings I think to the point like somebody takes a toy and doesn’t realize that it’s mean like my youngest he’s still in the stage where he thinks he can yes do whatever he wants and he thinks it’s fine and so I’ve been trying to work with him on that and explaining to him that you can’t take his brothers toys that’s not nice but he’s still learning so we have he still does it. And put in stuff back on my bookshelf we had a guy come and hang up some sheetrock for us so we could get our closet all done and he ended up taking all our stuff off the bookshelf which ask pampa air conditioning And curious why he was doing that in the first place ’cause we turn literally just needed him to put up sheetrock in the number planning on moving every  The way he did and I actually put on buying two different bookshelves for the closet that I found and I am obsessed with so I was kind of curious on that but now I’m having to put it all back so then my kids can’t reach it the reason why I had it on the bookshelf list so it’s high about a reach for my kiddos but Oh well I’ll just put everything back and get it organized and back to the way I had it..  Well I’m gonna get off here and probably do some dishes and kind of clean up my kitchen for a little bit because that is the next place I need to clean so I hope you all have an amazing day today and be sure and watch for new articles coming your way.


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