Cut Cooling Costs This Summer With Expert Tips

Stay Cool While Avoiding Expensive Energy Bills

People rely on returning home to a cool and comfortable house to beat the summer heat. However, keeping their houses at an ideal temperature all summer can take a toll on utility bills and checking accounts. 

Fortunately, there are ways to stay cool while saving money on energy bills. In this post, air conditioning contractors share tips on how to trim energy costs while staying cool, including installing smart thermostats, adding weatherstripping, and using ceiling fans to circulate cool air. 

Programmable and Smart Thermostats

thermostatWhen AC contractors provide tips for homeowners to cut their utility bills during the summer months, one of the first recommendations they typically make is to upgrade a non-programmable thermostat. Technicians recommend switching to a new smart thermostat if a home has an older device.

These programmable thermostats offer property owners more control over the temperature in their homes and can save them money on cooling costs. For one, these thermostats allow users to change the temperature settings on the thermostat when they are away using an app on their phone. They also have many energy-saving features that can help keep the home comfortable while reducing energy usage and saving homeowners money. 


weathers trippingAnother tip for homeowners in the summer months is to check their homes for drafts. If warm air is coming in – and cool air is leaving – around the doors and windows, it can cause energy bills to rise. To avoid this, contractors suggest installing weatherstripping around windows and doors to block the drafts. This will allow the cool air to stay inside the house and the hot air to remain outside. 

Air leaks like these – even if they seem minor – can account for a significant portion of a home’s energy loss. Sealing these gaps can result in reduced energy usage and noticeable savings on utility bills. In addition to being a help at keeping cool air inside during the summer, weatherstripping will also keep warm air inside and reduce heat loss in the cooler months. 

Use the AC Less and Fans More

An easy way for homeowners to save on their utility bills is to use their ceiling fans more and their air conditioners less. A property owner’s first instinct during summer is to turn on the air conditioner to cool down the house. However, running the AC can use a significant amount of energy. Ceiling fans use significantly less energy, and when used with air conditioning, they can help the home feel cooler while taking some of the pressure off the AC.

Technicians recommend using ceiling fans more often. Using ceiling fans allow homeowners to raise the temperature of their thermostat, saving energy and money while remaining cool and comfortable. When setting the ceiling fan direction, homeowners should set it to spin counterclockwise in the summer months to provide much-needed relief and comfort. 

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