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Why Trust Hall’s?

At Hall’s, we are proud of our years of service excellence here in the Texas Panhandle. Serving our community is what we look forward to every day. Our team is prepared to help you with sales, service, and the installation of a comfort system that fits your family’s needs. We run our business with these core values in mind: Family, Trustworthiness, Service Above Self, Being the best, Making a difference & Personal growth! Our mission statement here at Hall’s: Provide a level of customer service that customers have never seen before. To be the best place to work for with top notch training, development & opportunities!

How does the Hall’s System
Saver plan save you money?

The Hall’s System Saver plan helps keep your factory warranty in effect since all manufacturers require annual maintenance to honor the warranty. Making sure your system is running efficiently will prevent unnecessary breakdowns and extend it’s lifetime. In the long run, this means you will need fewer repairs and will have lower utility bills.

Why should I do routine maintenance on my system?

Service is needed for every cooling and heating season. Different maintenance procedures are performed for your cooling system than for your heating system. Because your comfort system works so hard during the year, a number of components need adjustment, calibration, lubrication, and cleaning each year. Your system will still work for a time without maintenance, but not as efficiently. When it comes to your family, you want dependable air conditioning and heating systems that provide you with value and comfort.


Semi-Annual Tune-Ups

We will come out twice a year to perform your Spring and Fall system check. Don’t worry about scheduling, we will contact you to find a time that works for you.

Priority Service

You will always be ahead of the line! We will make sure you are serviced before customers who are not members.

Peace of Mind

You will be at ease knowing that you chose the wise thing to do! Rest assured knowing that your unit is operating safely and efficiently. Should you ever need a repair, we’ve got you covered with a 10% discount.

Service Partner Plan

Hall’s System Saver plan members receive priority status when their system is down. This means that you’ll get the earliest available scheduling ahead of any non-member customers!
You will receive discounts on all service parts and labor we perform
Every year that you renew your membership you will receive $100 of in-office Hall’s Bucks that can be used towards a new system in the future!
After signing up for your membership – we will be out to perform your first tune up around the 6 month mark and again around the next 6 month mark!
We’ll contact you to schedule your service, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting it!
Our technicians are professionally trained to take care of your comfort, equipment, and safety. We perform background checks and routine drug testing on all field employees. We only allow qualified professionals into your home!
We will draft the monthly club fee directly from your bank! You never have to worry about mailing it in.
Are you moving? No worries! You can transfer the plan to your new home (if in the same service area) or transfer it to the buyer of your present home - it’s your choice!

Heating Cooling
Annual checkups can prevent over 70% of all furnace repairs as well as improve your system’s efficiency by up to 16% saving you money. Annual 16-point inspection and tune up of your heating system includes: Keeping your central AC system in top working order with annual maintenance you can cut your monthly energy costs up to 25% and reduce breakdowns by as much as 95% Annual 20-point inspection and tune up of your central air conditioning system includes:
Clean & adjust burners Clean or Replace customer supplied filter(s) ***
Inspect the heat exchanger surfaces Check condenser coil & clean with water
Evaluate Flue Venting System Check evaporator coil
Clean or Replace customer supplied filter(s) *** Check blower motor
Lubricate pumps and fans (if applicable) Check refrigerant levels
Check the inducer and blower motors Check belts and pulleys
Check the electric connections Lubricate motors (if applicable)
Check safety switches and controls Check thermostat and calibrate if applicable
Inspect the pilot assembly Check controls and safety devices
Inspect for cracks and leaks Check all motor operations
Check temperatures and pressures Check capacitors
Check thermostat and calibrate if applicable Check condensate drain
Clear drain line and trap Check relays and contractors
Carbon monoxide safety check Check service disconnect
Testing of emergency shut offs Check and tighten wiring connections
Check ignition system operation Check temperatures and pressures
Check ductwork Verify proper amperage and voltage of AC system Testing and labeling of emergency shutoffs Measure Air flow & temperature
*** Members with premium IAQ filters will need to select an add on package.


$20/mn plus $10/mn per additional system*

IAQ filters Add on package – $10/month
For our IAQ filter customers: For an additional $10/mn, IAQ filters are included (4 total). We change them twice a year for you. IAQ replacement bulbs are included and replaced every 3 years.


$20/mn plus $10/mn per additional system*

Semi Annual Tune-ups

Discounts on Service work 10% off

$100 per year renewal credit towards a new system

• Plan is attached to one property address per member. This will remain at that property until you move! If you have multiple properties that you own – a plan for each property will be required at full price
• Discounts are provided on services. Services are for repairs and other preventative expenses on your equipment. New coils, condensers, or furnaces are not considered service.
• Filters: customer is responsible for changing out filters. (including IAQ media filters) at the recommended time frame.
• IAQ: This is for Dynamic IAQ filters only. Any other brands will not be subject to this plan pricing.

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