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For Shamrock heating services that impress, call Hall Heating and Air today! We work throughout the Panhandle in towns like Clarendon, Canadian, and Shamrock, TX.

Do you need professional heating repair in Wheeler County? Are you thinking of replacing your furnace in Shamrock, Texas? Hall Heating and Air is your full-service heating and furnace service company.

We provide everything from expert furnace installation to heater tune-up. Don’t wait until your system breaks down in the middle of winter. Contact us today for expert furnace repair or furnace maintenance in the 79079 ZIP code.

When you call, we’ll send out one of our highly trained, certified technicians to properly diagnose and correct the issue. Our teams use state-of-the-art equipment, allowing them to effectively fix your heating system in the Texas Panhandle.

Read more about our outstanding service in the Shamrock, Texas, area by browsing our reviews.

Heater Repair & Installs in Shamrock, Texas

We provide comprehensive Shamrock heating services that include installations and repairs. We recommend calling us to repair your heater as soon as you notice any of the following problems:

  • Strange noises like buzzing, banking, or shrieking
  • A loss in the ability to maintain temperature
  • The system not being able to reach the desired temperature
  • Hot and cold spots in the space
  • A faulty thermostat
  • Leaks in the ducts

Furnace Repair & Installs in Wheeler County

Our Shamrock heating services team is on call if you notice the following issues with your furnace:

  • Runs cycles of three minutes or less: There are several reasons that it may do this, with the simplest being a faulty thermostat. There is also a possibility of damage to the blower.
  • Doesn’t burn on all burners: The most likely cause is that dirt is blocking the jets. However, sometimes this indicates a cracked heat exchanger. Either way, you need professional maintenance or repair services.
  • Makes strange noises: Rumbling, whistling, or popping usually means a damaged component. This part then places strain on the rest of the system, so repairs are urgent.
  • May have a cracked heat exchanger: It’s difficult to spot the signs without a carbon monoxide detector, which is why they are crucial safety tools.
  • The pilot light turning yellow: If this happens, call us for immediate service.

Why call our Shamrock heating services straight away? These issues will not resolve themselves. Should you ignore them, you could face an expensive system replacement instead of a quick and easy repair.

Worse yet, if the issue is something like a cracked heat exchanger, you might be in danger. Cracks in these devices allow carbon monoxide to leak out. The gas is undetectable by the human senses, meaning it could build to lethal levels without you realizing it.

We covered the benefits of installing these devices in Northern Texas in more detail on our blog if you need more information.

Heat Pump Services in the Texas Panhandle

Heat pump installation is taking over as one of our most popular Shamrock heating services. Considering that they can significantly reduce your heating or cooling costs, this is no big surprise.

Local Reviews
for Shamrock, TX

Luis V.

Luis V.

Performed a bi-annual service check to make sure customer's heating and cooling unit was in good shape for the summer months.

Near S Madden St, Shamrock, TX 79079
Ramon  J.

Ramon J.

Performed bi-annual service for HVAC unit which includes a full system check and cleaning.

Near S Madden St, Shamrock, TX 79079
Ramon  J.

Ramon J.

Sanitize and clean commercial ice machine.

Near S Main St, Shamrock, TX 79079

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