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Understanding Short Cycling in Your AC and Why It’s More Serious Than You May Think

Your home’s air conditioning unit goes through a lot year after year to keep your home cool and comfortable. Each day your unit turns on, maintaining the temperature in your home, the components inside are exposed to significant wear and tear. 

As the wear and tear continue, the damage can add up, causing failed capacitors, refrigerant leaks, and other issues with the interior components. 

While this may seem like bad news, it’s not all bad. In most cases, the repairs for these issues will be relatively simple, especially if you call professional technicians at the first sign of an issue. 

What Wear and Tear Should Never Cause

While wear and tear on your AC unit are inevitable, and it can lead to the deterioration of some parts and components, it should never cause your unit to short cycle. 

Are you wondering what short cycling is? Put simply; it’s when your AC unit continues to turn off and on quickly, rather than staying on and cooling your home to the desired temperature. 

Why Short-Cycling Is Such a Big Deal for Your Air Conditioning System

One of the main issues related to short cycling is the increased wear and tear it causes for your unit. Remember, just day-to-day operation leads to wear and tear of the parts and components in your AC system. If the unit is turning off and on at faster intervals than it should, it means that the unit is under even more stress and that the components are experiencing even more issues. 

If you notice your unit is short cycling, it’s a problem you should never ignore. That’s because it will shorten the system’s lifespan, increase the need for repairs, make the temperature in your home uncomfortable, and cause your energy costs to skyrocket. 

Because of the potential negative consequences of short cycling, it’s best to have the situation checked out as soon as you notice it. Most repair technicians can easily identify the underlying issue and make the needed repairs. 

Common Causes of Short Cycling

There’s no single cause for the problem of short cycling. Some of the issues that can cause this include:

  • Low refrigerant because of a potential leak
  • The wrong size unit
  • Damaged ductwork leading to air escaping
  • Miscalibrated thermostat
  • Clogged air filters

While these problems may seem simple, they aren’t typically something a homeowner can diagnose on their own. Because of this, it’s best to reach out to HVAC technicians to handle the needed repairs. With professional services, you can feel confident they will get to the “bottom” of the issue and ensure that the proper repairs are made. Short cycling can lead to serious issues with your HVAC system, and if the problem isn’t repaired quickly, it may result in you having to replace the entire unit early. No one wants to invest in a new HVAC system when their existing one should last. To avoid this outcome, be sure to watch for signs of short cycling and have them repaired.