White Deer Heating Services

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Even in Texas, quality heating is essential to keep a residential or commercial property comfortable year-round. With winter nights well below freezing, it helps to know that you have a heater you can rely on.

At Hall Heating and Air, we have over 40 years of experience servicing heating units in Fritch, Shamrock, Groom, Amarillo, Claude, White Deer, and the surrounding areas. Our professional technicians work on all manner of heating units daily, so you know you’re getting the best White Deer heating services around.

When it comes to your family’s comfort, you want the best. That’s why you should work with our team at Hall Heating and Air for fast and effective service.

Does your air conditioner need a tune-up? Call us for exceptional AC maintenance and repair services in the Pampa, TX, area.

Heater Repair & Installs in White Deer, Texas

Every home needs a reliable source of heat to make it through cold nights and the winter months. The last thing anyone wants is to be stuck inside on a freezing night without a properly working heater.

For heating issues, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If you catch issues before they spiral out of control, you can avoid the headache of a sudden heating shutdown at the worst time.

Here are some common heating unit issues to watch out for:

  • Strange smells coming from the unit or vents
  • Hot or cold spots throughout the house
  • Inadequate indoor air quality
  • Rising energy costs
  • Unit constantly running or won’t turn on

If you notice any of these issues with your heater, it may be time to schedule White Deer heating services. At Hall Heating and Air, we’re the premier furnace service company in the area, with a 40-year history to prove it.

Don’t forget about your air quality when getting a new HVAC unit. We offer comprehensive air quality repair and installation services in the Pampa, TX, area.

Furnace Repair & Installs in Carson County

A furnace is a tried-and-true way to keep a whole home warm. However, just like any other heating appliance, a furnace will break down and eventually reach the end of its service life.

Our expert technicians know furnaces inside and out and can provide exceptional furnace maintenance and furnace installation when you need it.

Here are some signs that replacing your furnace may be your best option:

  • Your furnace is more than one to two decades old.
  • It needs constant upkeep.
  • Your energy bills are rising, even after a repair.

Heat Pump Services in the Amarillo Metro Area

If you want to upgrade your home’s heating solution, a heat pump is ideal. Instead of creating heat, heat pumps move air throughout the ground, providing your home with comfortable temperatures year-round.

Heat pumps have a higher initial cost but make up for that initial cost with better reliability and energy efficiency, saving you money over time. At Hall Heating and Air, we offer heat pump repair, maintenance, and installation services for the 79065 ZIP code and much of north Texas.

Local Reviews
for White Deer, TX

Caleb D.

Caleb D.

Upon arrival found compressor pulling very close to lock rotor amps on startup. I installed a temporary hard start to smooth amp draw on start up. When system started up, the amp draw was better but pressures equalized. I attempted to pump system down to test compressor valves and system would not pump down indicating bad compressor valves. I then went into attic to check indoor unit and saw that a b cabinet coil had been installed on c cabinet furnace causing an airflow restriction potentially causing the compressor valve to fail prematurely. I brought this information up to the customer , and all were in agreement that the best course of action was to go ahead and replace condenser and evaporator coil, and bring system up to code.

Near S Popham St, White Deer, TX 79097
Caleb D.

Caleb D.

Worked with customer to replace their 20 year old R-22 unit as it was reaching the point where repair was a costly as replacement.

Near S Main St, White Deer, TX 79097
Caleb D.

Caleb D.

Provided estimates for installation for an upstairs new system

Near Co Rd 23, White Deer, TX 79097
Ramon  J.

Ramon J.

Customer was having trouble with the thermostat systems on her unit. Assessed her system and and adjusted her thermostat for the best possible efficiency.

Near S Omohundro St, White Deer, TX 79097
Jasper C.

Jasper C.

Small repair for a AC unit that was malfunctioning and provided a list of estimates for a replacement repair option.

Near Farm to Market 294, White Deer, TX 79097

You want the best for your household or commercial property; that’s why you should choose Hall Heating and Air for your White Deer heating services. Call us today at 806-669-2437 to schedule a reliable heating repair.