Pampa Heat Pump Services

Do you live in Pampa, TX, or nearby in Fritch or Borger? Contact us at Hall Heating and Air for professional heat pump services throughout the Texas Panhandle.

A heat pump should last around ten to 15 years, given proper maintenance. The key to achieving the maximum return on your investment is to always use professional heat pump repair and maintenance services.

Hall Heating and Air is your leading provider of heat pump replacement, installation, repair, and maintenance services. Our award-winning team undergoes a rigorous training program in addition to their certification to ensure you receive the best possible advice and service.

Put us to the test and see why our clients are quick to recommend our services.

Our outstanding expertise extends to all areas of heating and cooling. So, if you need heater repair and maintenance in Gray County, we’re the company to call.

Heat Pump Repair, Installation, & Replacement Pampa, TX

When do you need our heat pump services? Give us a call sooner rather than later if you notice any of the following problems:

  • Reduced or no airflow
  • Refrigerant leaks
  • Strange sounds coming from the ductwork or unit
  • The breaker tripping when you turn the system on
  • The unit outside engaging but not running the fan
  • Leaking ducts
  • Uneven heating in your space
  • The outside unit never switching off

Our team has the expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to repair your heat pump effectively the first time. We recommend calling us as soon as you notice a problem to minimize the damage and cost of repairs.

Air-Source Heat Pump Installation Company Serving the Texas Panhandle

One of the things our heat pump services team does is determine what type of heat pump is best for your needs. For example, an air-source heat pump uses heat from the air outside to warm water. This water then circulates through your radiators, underfloor heating, and water tanks to provide hot water.

The system is highly efficient, but optimal placement is essential. It’s worth noting that the greater the fluctuation in temperature outside, the harder the pump has to work. So, while our temperatures here can soar during the day, they can also drop quickly at night.

When there’s a huge temperature differential like this, you may need to schedule tasks that require more hot water during the day to conserve electricity.

We’ll explain more about how this affects you in Northern Texas when we give you your estimate. We’ll also discuss whether gas furnace installation might prove a better solution.

Ground-Source Heat Pump Replacement in Gray County

A ground source heat pump draws heat from the earth using a liquid that conducts thermal energy. Aside from that, it operates much like an air-source model.

The downside is that the ground may not get as hot as the air above the ground. However, the upside is that the ground temperature is more consistent. Therefore, the amount of energy it can provide may also be more consistent.

Hall Heating and Air is your go-to heat pump services company throughout the entire Texas Panhandle. Call us at 806-669-2437 for heat pump installation, repair, or replacement, and see why we are five-star rated in Pampa, TX, and nearby cities like Claude or Shamrock.