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Costly HVAC Mistakes You Need To Avoid

American homeowners go to great lengths to keep the inside of their residences comfortable and appealing. A key component you need in place to ensure the inside of your home stays comfortable is a functional HVAC unit. Sadly, most homeowners neglect their HVAC units until it is too late. 

Roughly $240 billion is spent on new HVAC equipment globally every year. If you have recently invested in a new unit, then you have to provide it with the proper care to ensure it has a long lifespan. There are many mistakes that can shorten the lifespan of a residential HVAC unit. 

Below are some of these costly mistakes and how to avoid them.  

Allowing Fins and Coils to Get Dirty

Taking the time to familiarize yourself with the various parts of your HVAC system is important. HVAC systems have indoor and outdoor components that must be properly maintained. The coils and fins on the outdoor portion of your unit assist the condenser and evaporator in releasing heat. If your fins and coils aren’t cleaned, a thick layer of dirt and grime will start to form. 

This substance can prohibit heat from being dispersed, which can be extremely harmful to your HVAC unit. Dirty coils and fins can reduce your unit’s efficiency and make it more prone to breaking down. Calling in the professionals at Hall Heating & Air to clean this portion of your residential HVAC unit is a wise move. With these routine cleanings, you can keep your unit running like a well-oiled machine. 

Ignoring the Condensation Drain

When hot air pulled in from outdoors is cooled with the help of refrigerant, lots of condensation is created. Air conditioning systems are equipped with drains designed to collect this condensation and take it out of the inside of the home. As time goes by, the drain lines that carry condensation outside can become clogged with dirt and pests. 

Clogged condensation drain lines will allow water to pool around the inside portion of your HVAC unit. If this water goes unnoticed, flooring and walls can sustain permanent damage. Rather than dealing with this damage, you need to inspect your condensation drain lines routinely. Allowing a knowledgeable HVAC technician to clean this drain a few times a year can also help you stay one step ahead of these moisture-related issues. 

Failing to Invest in Professional HVAC Maintenance

Perhaps the most common mistake homeowners make with their HVAC systems is failing to hire professionals to maintain them. A homeowner is limited to what they can do to keep their HVAC unit running efficiently. This is why reaching out to experienced professionals to perform routine HVAC maintenance is so important. 

These experienced professionals can check refrigerant levels, ductwork, and other HVAC components. If they find repair issues during this maintenance procedure, they can address them before extensive damage is done to your unit. 

If you are currently making these mistakes, it is time to make changes. The Hall Heating & Air team can maintain and repair your HVAC unit for a competitive price.