How To Heat Your Home This Winter Without Spending a Ton of Money

Most meteorologists expect the winter in Texas to be much colder than normal in 2021. This means that homeowners in Texas will be using their heating units more. Rising fuel prices and a colder winter will result in higher residential heating costs. Instead of spending all of your extra money on higher-than-normal electricity bills, you need to find ways to lower your home’s energy consumption. 

Failing to use your heating unit can result in cold indoor temperatures. Rather than making this mistake, you need to do your homework to figure out how to save energy without sacrificing your comfort. Here are some things you can do to keep your home warm without spending a ton of money this winter. 

Inspect Your Vents and Air Filter

The vents attached to your HVAC unit help to disperse warm/cool air throughout your home. As time goes by, a lot of dust and dirt will collect in these vents. Not only can this reduce the quality of your indoor air supply, it can also make it difficult for air to pass through these vents. If dirty vents are blocking the air, it will be difficult to get the inside of your home to a comfortable temperature. 

This means your HVAC unit will have to run continuously, which will waste a lot of energy. Routinely inspecting your air ducts and your air filter is crucial when trying to stay one step ahead of these blockages. If your vents are filled with dust, then contacting HVAC professionals to clean them is a good idea. 

Invest In Professional Heating Unit Maintenance

The main thing you need to keep the inside of your home warm this winter is a functional heating unit. The older your heating unit gets, the more maintenance it will need to stay running efficiently. Some homeowners make the mistake of running their heating unit for years without professional maintenance. Eventually, this bad decision will lead to the unit in question breaking down. 

If you want to truly assess how well your heating unit is operating, then hiring professionals to maintain it is crucial. During this maintenance procedure, a technician will inspect your furnace. If there are any furnace problems present, these professionals can fix them before they cause significant damage. 

Seal Up Drafts in Your Home

If all of the air warmed by your furnace is escaping through drafts in your doors or windows, your energy bills will start to rise. Going around your home and pinpointing where drafts exist is the first step in fixing this common problem. Once you have identified where these drafts are, you need to fix them with a tube of caulk. If these drafts come right back after sealing them with caulk, you might have to replace the doors or windows in question. 

The key to keeping your heating unit functional this winter is working with professionals. At Hall Heating and Air, we can help you maintain and repair your residential heating unit.